liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Amalgam Fillings not so Safe

Here's Mercola's latest post on the subject.

We already knew we were getting a lot of mercury from fillings, but the dental profession and FDA continued to say they were "safe and effective"... safe and effective.. safe and effective.. safe and effective... It's the same mantra they use for vaccines containing lord knows what toxins... safe and effective... Now we know to be suspicious when that mantra comes out. Then somewhere along the line some dentists got real and decided they wanted to stop poisioning their patients, and suddenly had more business than they knew what to do with. The old-school dentists who still said fillings that were 50% mercury were safe and effective started losing ground. The FDA follows the money, like a dog follows a biscuit. I'm not a cynic, I'm a realist. =-] Too bad my brain is already frying/fried from the 20 mercury laden fillings that I got when I was a child.

I just learned yesterday that high dose N-acetyl-cysteine is dangerous for people with a high mercury load because it mobilizes it and is thought to transport it across the blood brain barrier and INTO the brain. I did not know this and took NAC along with detox protocols so I probably worsened my own problem. I wonder if taking NAC with a chelator is of any help in removing said toxin from the brain?
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