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incompetent federal lawyer botches the Moussaui trial

This guy Moussaui is the only person on trial for conspiring in 9/11. He knew about it before it happened. He was taking flying lessons "for his own enjoyment" and did something wacky. He was taken into custody, and he didn't give it away. He's small fry from the Al-Qaeda perspective, but the US government was going to scapegoat him. Burn him on a cross if they could. But this administration, including the lawyers, is so incompetent and self-righteous that they are hanging themselves. This is the second time that they have violated Moussaui's constitutional rights (and we know how much respect for these rights this administration has). This FAA lawyer coached four members of the jury and contacted more of them by email. She cc'ed the whole group so they could communicate among themselves. This was totally against the rules. So the trial has been thrown out. Moussaui is going to get life instead of death.

Here's the BBC story:

History is going to FRY the Shrub Administration. FRY.
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