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Recipes: Chocolate Mousse

Women who eat chocolate 1-3x/week have 26% less heart failure
Mostofsky E, Levitan EB, Wolk A, Mittleman MA. Chocolate intake and incidence of heart failure: a population-based prospective study of middle-aged and elderly women. Circ Heart Fail. 2010 Sep 1;3(5):612-6.

18 ounces bittersweet chocolate
one-half cup strong coffee
one-third cup sugar
6 eggs separated
1 and a half cups cream
one quarter cup Grand Marnier

1. Melt chocolate with coffee in a double boiler
2. Beat whites to stiff peaks
3. Whip cream to soft ribbons
4. Stir yolks and liqueur into chocolate/coffee mixture
5. Fold in whites and then cream into chocolate mixture.
6. Cover and chill. Serve with more whipped cream if you can stand the thought.

Denver naturopathic email newsletter
this month’s issue of Sunset magazine
credit to Isabel Allende
Tags: cardiovascular, chocolate, recipes, women

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