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Unconstitutional to Require Citizens to Purchase Insurance

I'm happy to report that in Virginia, today, US District Court Judge Henry Hudson offered a 42 page opinion saying that individuals cannot legally be compelled by the feds to buy insurance or pay a fine. We already knew that this wasn't constitutional, but it's good to see the legal system kick into action. Obama, of course, was a constitutional law professor before he got into politics. He knew, as well as I knew, that this part of his law would not stand the test. What's interesting to me is the idea that he might have allowed this obviously unconstitutional bit to stay in the law to placate the insuro-medical business while he got the rest of the bill passed, which is much more practical and useful than the mandated insurance part. In other words, I think that he tricked the insurance companies, and that he's tricking congress too. He's smart, and he has the long view, and he knows that he will not get his way by putting his wish list on the table. So I continue to be impressed with Obama even though his critics act as if this is some kind of great embarrassment for him. He knew this would happen. He planned on it. The best thing about greed is that it gives people and businesses tunnel vision. Businesses don't care if a law is constitutional if it benefits their bottom line.
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