liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Of thongs and menstruation

(New product discovery)

I have a few thongs. At my school it's uncool to wear a thong. At least two lesbian professors speak openly about how a thong is a highway from the anus to the vagina. I think the European fondness for the thong has to do in part with the availability of bidets. If you can wash your ass properly after a #2, the highway has no traffic. I mostly use my thongs for yoga class because there's no elastic under your ass, so there's nothing to ride up when you move. I also sometimes wear one with sleek pants so there are no lines other than my own.

I just discovered that there are tiny menstrual pads that fit a thong. I never would have thought of it, but I accidentally purchased of box of them. I didn't read the box or look at the picture very carefully. But being a novelty seeker, I tried them. Now I'm on the rag and using these tiny pads with a tampon. And it's working! The little pads protect when the tampon is maxed. It's a good system. I like this better than those clammy full sized pads with "wings". My butt likes it better.
Tags: body, clothing, europe, lesbians, menstrual cycle, my life, public health, taboo, women

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