liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

What if it's not really a big win for the Republicans?

What if the media has it all wrong? Yap yap yap they repeat the same themes.

I mean, what if some of these Republicans who are getting elected are not going to play be the party rules. What if they can't be bought out? What if some of them are really determined to work for the long term benefit of the people and the nation? I have such suspicions about Rand Paul, because I know about his father, Ron Paul. Ron Paul is in congress as a Republican, but he does what he thinks is right. The party be damned, he sticks to his principles. I don't know how many others may be like him, but I suspect that Rand Paul got so securely elected because people want principled leadership, and because they see that our current two parties for the price of ten system is not working for us. So even though some of the Tea Party candidates look and sound like total idiots, I am hoping that they will civilize themselves to the process of our government, and help bring it into its next incarnation. All the entrenched wealthy powers that be are resisting this change, so it will not come easily. But the Republican party is being infiltrated, and I suspect so is the Democratic Party. Perhaps someday we will have a strong majority of representatives who are citizens first, party tools last. I'm still hoping for revolution.

I did a little survey today at my school. From my limited sample it appears that approximately 25% of the student population voted. The rest don't know anything about it, don't care, don't think it matters, or don't think that they can make any difference.
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