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State of the Union Address

I listened to George W Bush deliver his 6th (7th?) constitutionally mandated address. And then I sampled the pundits. What always amazes me is that what I think is significant is NEVER what the pundits harp about.

The beginning of the speech was about maintaining our prosperity, spending wisely, the "growing economy", needing "more enterprise" and not raising taxes. The prosperity theme recurred throughout the speech as a highest value. He spoke of all the hot domestic issues (social security, healthcare, immigration, energy, the courts) and I don't trust him on any of them. Then he expounded on foreign policy longer than all the domestic issues combined. He's obviously worried about Iran. The War on Terrorism is real to him. His discussion of our enemies was rife with references to hatred, ideology, radicals, extremists, nightmares, wickedness and danger. It is his job to protect us from all that. He practically begged congress to not cut funding for all those military boys that he's still sending to the Middle East. Then there was the feel-good section of the speech, where he put a few different heros up on a pedastel for applause. He closed with the statement that Our Cause is Right. A moral statement. He accuses others of ideology, but that is his grand finale.

Our Cause: Maintaining and increasing prosperity.

Is this right?
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