liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Considering how Corrupt Congress Continues to be

It's no surprise that the few honorable and independent thinkers who remain there are facing challenges funded by the corporations who seek to control our entire "democracy". Russ Feingold is one such honorable man, he's a Senator from Wisconsin, and he doesn't bow down to the party: he does what he thinks is right. And I have a tendency to respect his decisions. According to Hightower he's facing a tough re-election race because the corporate powers that be have harnessed the Tea Party confusios to mount a supposedly grassroots campaign against him. Oh what a tangled web..... If only there was a true and trusted leader in the Tea Party ranks, to help the frightened masses avoid making mistakes. But alas, if Sarah Palin is their "darling" then this attempt at revolution has already been derailed. Still, we can do whatever it is that helps keep reasonable men like Feingold in the Senate. Bug your friends from Wisconsin. We need Feingold. Badly.
Tags: congress, corporations, heroes, politics, wisconsin

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