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Serology for T. Cruzi and incidence of Seropositivity

NCNM clinic lab can get the serum IFA test for Trypanosoma Cruzi Antibodies from Quest for $247.00, tests for both IgM and IgG. I'd like to find out more about inexpensive salivary tests. According to my reading, one must run two different assays for antibodies, as the different strains of the disease express differently, but Quest doesn't seem to recognize this. If the two tests contradict each other, there is a tiebreaker third to order. Not sure where to order all these, have read parts from the links behind the cut.

blood donor testing

seropositivy in US
negligible prevalence of ab's in blood donors in southeast
in blood donors in 2006-7
in cardiac pts:

seropositivity in Brazil
2..66% in Buenos Aires

seropositivity in Medica sur (Mexico city)
in Mexican blood banks


saliva elisa for dx chronic chagas


lateral flow immunoassay as alternative to riba (gold standard)

new particle gel immunoassay

what's used in US for screening blood since 2006
basis for approval

avoiding cross reactivity with leishmaniasis

red cross procedures
A radioimmunoprecipitation assay (RIPA) is used in confirmatory testing. Because rates of recipient infection from transfusion are so low, the Red Cross qualifies each donor (rather than each donation) for negativity to antibodies to T. cruzi.

antibody maturation in rats

a comparison IgG IgM doesn't display on
school computesrs

mine this one for general info
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