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Hillary Clinton

I confess, in spite of my general dislike for her, that she triggers a certain feminism in me. Yesterday in the Republicans community one commenter said that no non-white or non-male will be elected president before 2050, and that if either Hillary or Obama were selected by the Dems, the Republicans can't loose. I wonder if the sexism and racism in our country is as deep as this commenter believed. In any case, I would vote for a non-white or non-male for that reason alone. I will definitely vote against McCain any chance I get.

I wish that Hillary wasn't so sold out, though. She's playing the game and she has good support, but she approved funding for 95% of Shrub's outrageous measures over the last six years. That's a piss-poor record in my view.

I wonder if the Republicans will have any avengers to run. I wonder if there will be someone daring enough to go for the nomination in the face of established neocon powers. I hope so. I would like to see a Libertarian run as a Republican reformer. Let's see that budget balanced, and stop subsidizing corporations. Hillary might do the former, but she certainly won't attempt the latter.
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