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US Poverty Line, Increase in Suburban Poverty

$10,830/year is poverty line for one person
2 people: $14,570
3: $18,310
4: $22,050
6: $29,550
8: $37,010
(these stats from presentation by OI staff)
Seems like one person living on 10.8K would be much better off than 8 living on 37K.
But I suppose rent is the big issue there.

And from a PDX newspaper in mid Oct:
Brookings Institute statistics
national poverty rate increasing at 26.5%
suburban poverty on the increase
currently approx 1/3 of poor live in burbs
since 2000 suburban poverty is up 37.4% to 13.7 million
that's 2x the urban poverty growth rate
urban poverty rate 19.5%
suburban rate 10.4%
more people live in the suburbs so 1.6 million more poor in suburbs than urban
of 100 largest metro areas, 57 had major poverty increases in last year
most impacted: sunbelt areas that boomed with housing boom
Tags: america, poverty, suburbs, the long emergency, urban

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