liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Halting of Foreclosures

I haven't read the news, but just the headline sparks some questions. Do all those people who bought more house than they could afford and then lost their jobs get to keep their houses? Doesn't it make some sense to allow the economic contraction to force families to condense and become cooperative again? We have become so scattered and "independent" that we have no safety net anymore, except for the government, but is that how we really want our lives to be? Certainly a reduction in government payouts to the populace would cause some crises, but it takes some crises to change society at a fundamental level, and that is what is coming down the pipe whether we do it on purpose or wait for it to be done to us. We the people are bleeding our government which is in turn bleeding us. Won't be much left behind when the pretend money runs out. We'll have to figure out how to grow food again, how to barter for what we need and how to hibernate in the winter. Our bipartisan political system and the corporatocracy that runs it are not going to save us.
Tags: america, community, conservatism, corporations, culture, family, government, politics, revolution, unemployment

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