liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Factoid on Goals from Ted Talk

Think of your biggest personal goal
Don’t tell anyone what it is
Telling goal makes it less likely to happen
Work to achieve goal is needed
If you tell and it is acknowledged, the mind is tricked into thinking it is already done
(I think this depends on the rxn of the person responding: if they congratulate you on your awesome plans, that is what tricks your brain, but if they talk with you about the hard work and long road ahead, this may not happen)
so you have less motivation to complete the work
This goes against conventional wisdom that our friends will help hold us to our goals
People who talked about goal didn’t work as long and felt closer
Delay gratification of social gratification
Say it in a way that gives no satisfaction or stay mum.
Tags: communication, goals, mind, privacy, psych, sociology, work

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