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Fourth Snow

The wind started yesterday, and the snow started this morning. It is supposed to continue to snow throughout the day. Because it is so blustery, the snow is drifting. My window is wet from melting flakes. The roads are very slippery.

I've been hearing a lot in the last few days about Shrub's planned surge of 20,000 additional troops in Iraq. My theory is that he announced this escalation to say "You can't stop me" to the newly democrat-dominated houses of congress. Now we will find out if they can. Throughout Shrub's reign many dems, including Hillary, have voted to fund his half-baked war plans. I hope that just this once they will find the votes to pull the financial rug out from under him. The president can be stopped using the checks and balances inherent in our system, and it is time to stop him. He and his do not have our nations best interests at heart.

Perhaps we could do some good with one more military sweep. Perhaps with the right generals and the right game plan, we could set up some locals to bring a semblance of peace back to their streets, and then get out. But I have this hunch that this new batch of fighters will be ordered to go on rampage, go door to door through Bagdad and other cities and kill everyone they suspect might be against them. And this kind of warfare creates more enemies than it kills. Pinochet found that out.

I am still baffled that the people of the US think it's a good thing to hang Saddam Hussein, but don't think it's a good idea to impeach Bush. Are the people of my nation really such sheep that they can't see through the propaganda, and detect who is getting rich from the activities of our government? Unbelievable.

And so I stare out the window at the snow and let the whiteness take me back to the white noise place inside my skull. Can't fix it. Stop worrying about it. I'm going skiing as soon as there is enough cover in the Dell.
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