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Not much time for introspection: Sea Kayaking 3 day planned

I landed in Portland today, went to a farmer's market to visit a friend who's getting hours for her Master Gardner certification--and to learn a thing or two about local plants and gardening. Meanwhile I was invited on a sea kayaking trip, so I rented a sea kayak, and got camping food. Sorted a few papers, prioritized. Felt glad to be getting out again. I'm not ready to go back into academic mole mode just yet. I feel more at home in my truck than I do in this office. But I will get this office working again soon.

The sea kayaking trip will launch tomorrow morning in the southern Puget Sound. We'll drive up at 7am, in time to launch at low tide around 11am. The Puget Sound is a fjord, and a fjord is a system of flooded glacial valleys. Pretty interesting geology and certain to be interesting ecology too. I am psyched to get to go to this place, I have heard about it for a long time. And it's Mindy, always Mindy, who is actually DOING something fun and has room for me too. She'll bring enough food for both of us. I better take some out of my bag. I got fancy cheese and red wine beef sausage from the Germans.

So we're going to launch somewhere near Shelton, at Arcadia Point, and paddle over to Hope Island where we set up camp. Then we'll make a loop around Squaxin Island, which belongs to the Squaxin Tribe, people of the water and salmon and golf courses. The people who knew the tides without looking them up on the internet.

Not sure I'm glad to be back in Oregon just yet, but maybe tomorrow I will be. Signing out for the next few days; have a good one!

Quote from the Squxaxin tribe website:

Everything in the universe goes by indirection. There are no straight lines.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tags: geology, german, kayak, oceans, quotes, travel, tribes, washington, water

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