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Macy's is my Office

Met a girlfriend here about 2pm today and it's almost 5pm and I'm still here. It has been good just to set up my computer and answer my phone when it rings, to catch up on the lists that are in my journal. I've also bumped into a couple of old friends since this coffee shop is such a crossroads. I just pounded a big carbo-loading gluten-free pastry because I'm going climbing at the rock gym this evening with a couple of girlfriends, and I want to have some energy. I have been losing weight since I've been here, eating lightly because it is summer and feels good. I have only a few more days in AZ before I must drive back to OR because my trip permit expires.

My mom just called to let me know that I got a letter at her house. It was the report from my DMPS challenge test for heavy metals. My mercury levels recorded in the very high range, my lead in the high range, all other metals were normal. This is no surprise. My last challenge test was DMSA which mobilizes lead more than mercury and hence my lead levels showed up as higher.

I have decided that I will be taking the state boards here in AZ after I graduate. I may take boards in up to 3 states, so that I have the option to practice in any of those places. I cannot ignore all the many doors that have opened to me since I came here. This place could be home. I am going on Sunday to visit the city of Payson, which is just below the Mogollon Rim and another possible location for my practice.

I have a refreshed sense of excitement about the future. To travel this summer instead of doing clinic shifts was a life affirming choice. To allow the questions to be open and unanswered has allowed me to find answers that are the opposite of what I thought when I left. It is all good. Very very good.

I'll be leaving Flagstaff for Portland on Tuesday, taking 3 days to make a drive that can be done in 2 days. I like to drive at a slowish pace, to stop often, to enjoy my travels, that is why I take more days than needed. I will hate to leave. There is much here that has a fresh hold on me.
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