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Dog Drugs and Travel Update

There's an older husky living here who is on 3 meds. She's on metacam/meloxicam which is an NSAID, for her arthritis. She's on levothyroxine (synthetic T4). And she's on DES (diethyl stilbestrol), yes, the same one that they used to give pregnant women that ended up causing all sorts of malformations in their offspring. DES is used in canines to prevent urinary incontinence. Who knew??

I'm interested in your ideas about where I might consider setting up a naturopathic medical practice in the west. Have any suggestions as to places or people I should investigate in the northern half of the western US? When I leave Flag I am going to explore that region on my way back to PDX, and I have never been there before, so I do not know where I am going. Montana for sure, and Sandpoint, Idaho.

I arrived in Flagstaff yesterday morning just in time for my dentist appointment. I haven't found a dentist that I trust yet in Portland. The dentist in Flag is a character, and I like him. We've had our arguments about xrays and records and whatnot, but in general he appreciates my point of view and I appreciate his. He dated a friend of mine for a couple years after I left Flag, and he was working to impress upon me what a cool guy he is and how she should reconsider dumping him. I will ask her about it, but I won't take up his cause.

After my dentist appointment I went to a yoga class. I really love this one studio and set of teachers in Flagstaff! They teach Anusara, and while I am not a John Friend worshipper, I do enjoy the fruits of his synthesis yoga. I also enjoy The Yoga Experience because they include such a variety of asanas in every practice, and because they do not limit the asanas to beginner level only. Why do the same asanas over and over when you can broaden your practice, challenge your body and mind, center your soul? It is good to stretch in new directions. It is good to try things that you cannot yet accomplish. Seems like every yoga teacher I've found in Portland teaches the same set of basic asanas with only slight variations. Yes, they are worth practicing, but how can you have a full yoga practice without inversions or twists? I like hand balances and inversions and back bends and twists! Not just the standard basic ones, but all the variations! It is such a joy to go to a class that challenges me. It puts me in my place, breathing, trying, accepting, celebrating.

After the class I was exhausted. I hadn't eaten much for the last two days while traveling. I was not quite fasting, but I was eating very little and drinking a lot of water. I probably should have eaten more before doing a vigorous practice. I ate a lunch yesterday and a breakfast this morning, so hopefully I'll have more verve for the rest of today. I'm going to get to drive my potential "new" truck sometime soon. I'm at Suz' place, she has a very neat room at a friend's house on the east side of Flag. Right beside where the burn is.

The burn has not had as big an impact as I thought it would on the community. I was in touch with Suz and D when the burn was happening, and both of them were completely freaked. But the other people I've talked to are calmer about it. They're realistic, that this type of forest is meant to burn. Now the preparations are happening for the inevitable floods that will happen in this neighborhood now that the forest will not moderate runoff. There could be mud slides. I think this house is relatively safe because it is on a moderate slope some distance from the steeper apron of the mountain, but the owner is going to put out sand bags to protect it. I hope that she places them in such a way as to actually divert the water. If you try to block a flow of water, the water will blow out your barrier. You can't block the flow. You can only divert it.

Looks like I may spend up to 2 weeks here in Flag, depending on how long it takes to get the truck ship shape and visit all my friends. I am actually enjoying Flag more than I did when I lived here, so far. I really thoroughly enjoyed my visit in Utah too, and the drive down here. I spent several hours on a mountaintop meditating, along highway 20 between I-15 and Hwy 89. And I slept on Antelope Flats, before crossing the Pariah. Twas lovely out in the desert, and refreshing to be alone. I often find the jabbering of people disturbing these days. It is very nice to be alone with the pinon pine and sunflowers. And it is nice to spend time with people, when I am really ready to spend time with people.

OK, off to meet my new truck and find out what's wrong with my cell phone.
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