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Effects of smoking from pathology notes

emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cancer (lung, outh, throat, larynx, esophagus, bladder/kidney, pancreatic, liquid tumors: lymphoma, leukemia)
incr plt agg & adhesion, atherosclerosis, MI, Buerger's dz (thrombophlebitis), sinusitis, repiratory tract infx
smoking + HTN + hyper lipidemia = CAD
smoking + ocps = stroke, MI
women over 35 taking ocops have highest risk of stroke
440,000 premature deaths/year in us
use of tobacco in all forms kills 1000 people/day in US
5 minutes of life is lost per cigarette
deal with the devil
30% of cancer death is dt smoking
90% of lung cancers are dt smoking

nicotene EFFECTS
incr HR, BP, coronary artery blood flow, myocardial contractility, cardiac acid
incr serum ffas
toxins: nicotene, CO, benzopyrene, acetaldehyde, phenol, formaldehyde
pipes and cigars cause COPD and cancer
chewing tobacco causes SCC of the mouth
smoking + pregnancy = fetal hypoxia which results in mild damage, low birth weight babies, prematurity, more spontaneous abortions, placenta prevuam abruptio placenta, premature rupture of membranes
gingivitis, bad breath, stained teeth
wrinkled skin
passive smoking: lung cancer, ischemic heart dz, acute MI, SIDS, resp infx, otitis media, asthma

from SSL pathology 1 notes spring 2010
Tags: addiction, cancer, cardiovascular, osteoporosis, pathology, respiratory, tobacco, toxins

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