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Car Talk

The most astute diagnosticians I encounter on a regular (weekly) basis are "Click and Clack, the Tappitt brothers", on NPR. They are immediately assessing every variable for any possible cause the moment they begin talking to a person with a car problem. They are insightful and compassionate about the foibles of people. They know their shit about cars. And they are funny. Every time someone tells me that they just can't stand Car Talk, I start wondering what their issue is with Italians, or with automobiles, or WHAT?

may look like axis shift
normal: leads 1, 2, 3, AVF all above baseline
left deviation: neg in AVF, 2, 3
right deviation: QRS neg in lead 1, pos in AVR

right atrial: P waves in 2, 3, AVF larger than 2.5mm
left atrial: notched P wave in any lead, 2 peaks >0.04mm apart, P wave neg in V1 over 1mm
left ventricle: notched P wave??????? better look that up
right ventricle: tallest R wave at V1 (instead of V5 normal)


Jun. 16th, 2010 03:52 pm (UTC)
I think they archive shows for awhile so you may be able to find it. Yeah, I get it about the big boob thing, but the idea of the Avatar female protaganist having big boobs seems so ridiculous to me, I mean, the movie was a drama, you know? It wasn't Roger Rabbit. There's tons of other things to talk about in relation to that movie.

She just did an interview with John Waters recently - that was a good one, but mostly because Waters is hilarious and could carry an interview with probably anyone. She asked him a question that basically implied "so you have a shit fetish like Divine" which Waters knocked down, saying basically the movies are his creation and not him, and said "you don't assume Stephen King is a serial killer because he writes about serial killers"... so, that was another foible I thought, but in a way good because it allowed JW to make that point, which might help out the clueless, as you say... and you have a good point about connecting with the audience, I just wish/think TG could ultimately accomplish the same (of bringing up controversial topics and having her audience consider a different perspective than the norm) without inserting her judgement into it. In other areas she is good at that, but around sex not so much.

And I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of her bias being welcoming to people - I mean, some people are always going to be turned off, but I would like to give people more credit... what she could do is frame her questions in such a way that acknowledges that such-and-such is edgy subject matter, and then ask the question. I think the mark of a good interviewer is that there is no attention on the interviewer, but rather on the interviewee.

Thanks for the conversation - I've enjoyed it!
Jun. 16th, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)

Me too (enjoyed the conversation). I'm glad to have you on my FL and hope that you post lots about your observations about the world!!

One last thought on the boob question: You can't leave sex appeal out of a movie if you want it to sell big. You just can't. Avatar is proof that 10 foot tall blue babes with small tits have sex appeal too. I have a 60+ year old male friend who went to see avatar 3x specifically for the "10 foot tall blue babes"...those are his words.



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