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Fasting in the News

MSNBC pretty much says fasting is a bad idea and propagates a lot of falsehoods:

40 people are doing a 3 day fast in NY to protest immigration "reform"

The Hindi Doctors have a fairly balanced view:
They do however say that fasts longer than 3 days "cause" binge eating at the end (not true).

Manipur leaders in India were arrested for attempted suicide by fasting:

A dozen or so football (soccer) fans in South Africa are fasting for their team:

Church members and schoolkids in Connecticut are fasting 30 hours to understand hunger and feel closer to God:

Warren Jeffs, the jailed LDS leader, is fasting and praying in jail:,8599,1996250,00.html

Nutrition expert suggests alternate day fasting for weight loss:
Varady, 30, studies calorie restriction for chronic disease prevention.
Intermittent fasting and the science about it are already up on wikipedia:

Fast before workout to burn more fat:

Workout guru says working out while "fasted" is not as good for you as working out 2 hours after a meal (though clearly he doesn't understand the physiology, so don't take his word for it):

Here's somebody promoting the living fuel fast (a favorite of mine, actually):

The conservative Anglicans fast while waiting to find out what will happen with the gay Episcopal bishop:

I saw something about how trade in the middle east is slow during Ramadan (Muslim fasting month), which is the 9th month in THEIR calendar but when is it on mine?

last but not least:
A Seattle physician accused of fasting her patients to death to get at their wealth (in 1910):
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