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Marz on Polysystemic Candida

Top ten questions missed on midterm will be posted for us to study on our own
systemic candidiasis seems to be the subject
he had another flat tire on his bike, the 5th in a week
"inexorable leak"

this is not septicemia, there are not yeast in the bloodstream
overgrowth of yeast in intestines-->increase in systemic polyamines
polyamines in skin conditions
made by GI tract
generated endogenously-->sx like migraine, eczema, asthma, AI dz
yeasts can chelate heavy metals esp mercury
too much yeast can cause an extra storage site for mercury, lead, other
killing off too many yeasts-->tremendous herxheimer reaction
yeasts spewing out their toxins incl heavy metals
link to allergies
cross reacting immune response to yeast antigens, mast cells release more LKs
increased intestinal permeability
folks with yeast overgrowth usu have many allergic sx
hallmark: sensitive to mold, mildew, other toxins related to yeasts
similar allergenicity
environmental illness, chemical sensitivity
text has questionairre on yeasts, mold, envir toxins, sugars

three main precipitating factors
1) antibiotics, overuse (usu overused for ear infx, UTIs)
"how often have you taken abx" in recent times and in life
2) chronic high blood sugar, prediabetes (monitor hemoglobin A1C in everyone, not just diabetics)
frequently people have elevated HGB A1C, he says 5 is great, 4-6 usu range reported
5.3 is about the cutoff---above that your sugar is over 100 a lot
average fasting blood glucose should be 70-90, ranges often go to 99
two different fasting glucose over 99 is dx of prediabetes
preg prediabetes: baby is over 9 pounds
OCPs will cause high blood sugar
and will have falsely elevated temperature dt hormones
3) longterm use of corticosteroids
inhaled, not topical
4) bowel stagnation
more overgrowth with plenty of food in GI for bugs
a treatment is to decrease bowel transit time
5) alcohol consumption
candida metabolizes sugar into acetaldeyde and alchohol
may be produced in large enough quantities to cause drunkenness
alcohol separates tight junctions in gut

sensitive to molds, chemicals
chronic vaginal candida infx
chronic tinea pedis, tinea cruris, or fungal infx anywhere on the body
chronic skin conditions in general usu related to elevated blood glucose
GI probs after eating gluten, sugar: bloat, gass
fullness after eating esp after carb
sugar cravings
wheat cravings
"the yeasts want to be fed, they want sugar, and they want it now, the best thing you can do is starve them"
sx agg on damp, muggy, humid days, in moldy homes or buildings
heightened sensitivity to environmental chemicals: perfume
The Yeast Connection, William Crrok MD
he gives this book out in his office, buys them by the case
(a little fanatical about carb avoidance by Marz standards)
*have a book store rather than a library
they can return the book but make sure you collect

intestinal permeability gives some info
salivary adrenal test for cortisol and DHEA
total secretory IgA (often decreased)
lab available from diagnostecs
also candida specific
allergy testing: everything comes up abnormal, allergic to everything
Heidleberg or simpler Gastro (string) test (pH should be 2 ish)

he used to use a blood test for candida immune complexes
he used to use this, the lab sold to genova labs which he has not found as helpful

not useful: comprehensive stool analysis
no cnxn btw yeast in stool and sx

anti-candida diet
limit strictly for 1 week
eat low glycemic: mostly meat and nonstarch vegetables, OK to eat fat
nuts and seeds but not moldy ones, and bake them
(no peanuts: they grow aspergillus which generates aflatoxin, most carcinogenic compound found in nature--so far)
no fruit for first week
no dried spices only sea salt, spices are moldy and many are irradiated
minimize leftovers
if eating carb add fat

monitor GI sx

increase dietary fiber
he uses conjac as fiber supplement
"fiber downregulates blood sugar response"

elimination of vinegar???

nystatin powder
used in GI works like a charm
is not absorbed
he starts with 1/8 tsp 3x/day x1 week
yeast can grow anywhere from mouth to anus
increase by 1/8 tsp per dose per week
some books have you on it for a year
he says do it for 3-4 weeks

monitor A1C or fructose to knkow blod sugar

garlic's great
raw garlic is also antiparasitic
can make people gassy
caps 3 caps tid 1-2 weeks
he uses AZ natural with high amounts of allicin

vit C, zinc, vit A to strengthen gut mucosa

should be produced in your GI
caprylic acid
you could use this be he doesn't
undecylinic acid combined with grapefruit seed extract product combo
3 caps bid
butyrate is preferred food of enterocytes

antiox: flavonoids, vits A, 3-6g, C, E, selenium 2-400mcg
oregano oil (biotics or professional solutions)
tea tree oil

lacto more in lg intest
bifido more for small
he uses natron somebody brand
superdophilus is physician line, refrigerated product

yeasts like GI or vaginal tract more alkaline
lactobacillus keeps it acid
"don't be bashful about using large amounts"

bentonite clay
during the course of tx you should use some
binds endotoxins
he uses Springgreen or Yerba Prima (colloidal)


to acidify colon
travicid is sustained release HCl that he used to use
he thinks its still out there

systemic yeast med

yeast pockets can bury themselves in intestinal mucosa
be protected vs immune system
if he suspects yeasts are stubbornly entrenched he'll use systemic med
give 200mg loading dose then keeps them on it 2-3 weeks
nizoril is another option
liver function tests may be needed before and after these meds
he wouldn't check the liver enyzmes of the average person
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