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Beware of Tylenol: Can Cause Liver Failure

I just learned last semester of the four most common causes of liver failure, and was surprised at that time to find that acetomenophen is among them. What I didn't know until this article is that acetomenophen causes the MOST liver failure. Hmmmm. Here's a review of something I wrote in preparation for my A&P final.

Liver failure can be caused by acetomenophen toxicity, alcholoism, hepatitis C and cancer. A person with liver failure is in bad shape. The liver has 9 functions, all of which have broad impacts on systemic health. Here's a list of liver functions: carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, processing drugs & hormones, excreting bilirubin, synthesizing bile salts, storing glycogen & vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K, clearing old red blood cells, white blood cells and bacteria, and activating vitamin D. Without these functions the first easily recognizable symptom is jaundice, which is caused by the increase in bilirubin. Later signs include ascites (fluid in peritoneal cavity), a tendency to bruise and bleed, liver encephalopathy (dementia), and generally failing health. The dementia is caused by the increase in proteins in the blood. Treatment involves a dramatic reduction in protein and sodium consumption, abstinence from alcohol.
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