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Nutrition IV Midterm Self Study Notes

Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and dried figs are among the top 10 food sources of what important nutrient?

the top 10 magnesium foods in Marz' book, in order:
soybean flour, buckwheat flour, raisin bran cereal, dried soybeans, whole wheat flour, firm tofu, cheerios, rye, dried figs, and cooked black-eye peas
other foods I love that are rich in magnesium: almonds, cashews, brown rice, filberts, halibut, brazil nuts, pecans, kelp, bananas, avos, watermelon, cocoa powder, oatmeal

Aldosterone increases the excretion of what important ion and nutrient?
Cantaloupe, parsnips and potatoes are rich in this nutrient.
Also Figs, papaya, and apricots.
Got it yet?
Oral supplementation of this nutrient can cause n/v/d, and even ulcers
This is the top nutrient to increase in HTN, in balance with a reduction in dietary sodium
potassium, of course

top 10 potassium foods: avo, tom sauce, apricot, potato, cantaloupe, papaya, prune juice, dried figs, lima beans, parsnips. Pumpkin is #11, sardines and broccoli, cooked spinach and strawberries, aparagus and raspberries, grapefruit and beef liver, all contain useful potassium.

How much sodium per day does the average American consume?
hint: the RDA is 2400mg or less
average intake: 4000-7000mg/day, or 4-7 grams/day

OK, what very important nutrient do we get in abundance from most nuts, including sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts and almonds? Peanuts, flax, wheat germ, soybeans, walnuts, buckwheat too.
According to one study this nutrient helps with nocturnal foot and leg cramps
within a week
nutrient is?
also found in sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, spinach, mangoes, and dandelion greens
answer is vitamin E

consider that if you do choose to supplement this nutrient
you want a blend of tocopherols, not all alpha
Marz says deficiency is rare in humans but more prevalent in babies with SIDS and muscular dystrophy
SX of DEF: dry skin, easy bruising, decr clotting time, eczema, elevated indirect bili, psoriasis, elevated heavy metals, PMS, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, beta thalassemia, cataracts, fibrocystic dz, BPH, poor wound healing, hot flashes, growing pains, and Osgood Schlatter dz (knee pain in young athletes age 10-15 where patellar tendon attaches to tibial tuberosity, because bone attachment area is not hard enough yet to withstand hard athletic workouts)

Name three foods that decrease platelet aggregation.

bromelain is from pineapple
fish oil, any omega 3
garlic and onions
curcumin, ginkgo, and magnesium too

What are some nutrients to increase the integrity of blood vessels?

vitamin C is the obvious one


trace elements (six listed here)
manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, silica

What foods are rich in quercetin (good for allergies, asthma)?
tea (black or green), capers, lovage, apples, onion esp red, red grapes, citrus, tomato, broccoli, leafy greens, berries incl cherry, reap, bog whortleberry, lingonberry, cranberry, chokeberry, rowanberry, sea buckthorn berry, crowberry, and fruit of prickly pear
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