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Street Drugs including Jimson Weed

Heather D Hodgson Schleich, MDE, BA
spoke at NCNM on May 10, 2010
"Ms H" from Ontario to the kids
she speaks to kids groups a lot

Heather D Hodgson Schleich, MDE, BA
Ms H from Ontario
short white hair, glowing pale green beads, glasses, blue and brown horizontal striped sweater
police force 17 years, community college teacher 10 yrs, drug educator 30 years

comments after lecture:
Ms H is informed by her enforcement experience
some drugs she spoke of that were new/interesting to me:

salvia (sage) species that is strong hallucinogen

doda made of ground opium husks, addictive tea, may not be recognized by enforcement as opium
it was thought to be only in the western US but there was a surprise bust in the east recently

khat another new drug plant with phenylalkylamines canthine and cathinone
not in North America yet, more available in Europe and Africa, big in the UK
high is like ecstasy, sold as white powder, caps, pills
SE: headache, palpitations, nausea, cold or blue fingers

jimson weed
Datura stramonium
with lovely white flowers that close when the sun heats up, grows at Lee's Ferry
When it comes to the use of drugs and hallucinogens most people associate Carlos Castaneda with Peyote. However, it wasn't Peyote but actually the plant Sacred Datura --- known throughout the desert southwest as jimsonweed --- that played the primary role in his early experiences into other realities --- including, it must be said, his most famous and most oft cited experience where he turned into a crow and flew.

use of energy drinks with booze doubles the sex hazard for teens over booze alone
new spray-on THC, turn your whatever weed into a pot substitute

there is a good website resource list not too far down
ok, her presentation from here down


focus on meth and pharm
is there any difference btw using drugs or herbs to manipulate mood?
story of being given downers, then uppers
by the supplement salespeople in the conference we just attended
she willingly gulped down these potions not knowing what was in them
taking it on faith that it would be good for her
but was it?
we all want a magic elixir

www.hc-sc-gc/ca for kids free online course can download fact sheets on drugs of abuse for kids, eyeball her site


TRENDS (Canada)
2002 $1267 per person cost, 40 billion up from 18.45 billion in '92
20% of acute care hospital days dt alc, tobacc, drugs
youth who smoke cigs 14x more likely to drink, 20x more likely to smoke pot
ORegon in high to mid high range for all drugs
kids use inhalants more than mj, hallucinogens, coke, cigs
inhalants are legal, cheap, using dust off for computer, refrigerant dmgs lungs
top in grades 7-12: alc, mj, binge, opiates, cigs, cough/cold meds (DM), solvents, hallucinogens, "other" stims, salvia, ecstasy, sleeping meds, coke, jimson (datura!), glue, LSD, oxycontin, ADHD meds, tranquilizers (in order)

brain in meth kids sim to alc kids, some areas even smaller, some larger
cingulate is enlarged, assoc with control and conflict resolution

3 most sig determinants of mental health:
social inclusion
freedom from discrim/violence
access to economic resources

self medication dt dxd or undxd mental disorder
2009 8% of students in Ontario drinking hazardously, that's 85,000
females more likely than males to have coexisting probs, older more likely than younger
no sig regional diff

anxiety-->24% substance use disorder
major depression-->27%
skinner, ogrady, bartha & parker 2004

seniors at risk
drinking, meds, benzos, opiates more than illicit
more illicit expected as baby boomers age

ALCO 58% BINGE 25%, DRINK/drive

OSDUS 2009
25.6% use marjuana
compare smoking and mj: no filter on mj, more toxic ingredients, hotter
breathe in --> turbulence --> incr breath holding --> incr toxic deposition
thc gives high, can cause schizo? association is certain, causality uncertain
affects hippocampus, the "save button"
bright kids compensate better
THC = tetrahydrocannabinol
depressed teen 2x more mj use
she worries about high and driving, very high numbers relative to alcohol
thinks stoned drivers are very dangerous

K2, spice, synthetic THC
sprayed on herbs
sold on internet
3 gram bags, herbs sprayed with synthetic that mimics THC
SE: heart palpitat, resp probs, coma

medicinal mb useful
she was skeptical at first as former police officer but now is convinced it is of good use
smoking is still safest way to get it in

CRYSTAL METH--after speed
she started policing in early 70's
truckers, dieters, street people: speed freaks, skinny, scary
then speed disappeared for a while, reappeared as meth, more potent
names: chalk, crank, crystal, fire, ice (may also be coke), jib, speed, gak, glass, tina, yaba
names change fast
meth mouth, other effects
available in any form, purest looks like shattered windshield glass
ecstasy mb laced or replaced with meth
may look like coke, cut coke with it
may lace mj with it
$150 and 3 hours work = investment to make $10,000 worth of drug
high risk of addiction-->repeat biz
chems are corrosive, flammable, toxic, can't touch skin, fumes are dangerous
pseudoephedrine or ephedrine to start
her area in Ontario is rural and main meth area
labs can explode, some labs vented
smell: oven cleaning smell, kitty litter smell
labs mb booby trapped
lab cover may involve kids toys
pound of drug-->5-6 pounds toxic waste that is dumped
organized crime involvement
portable meth labs in vehicles, jarring could cause explosion, fumes can knock out driver
speeds up age-related brain degeneration
affects stem cells, kills them?
methods, ingredients, byproducts: birch reduction, red phosphorus, blue iodine, dangerous phosphine gas, anhydrous amonia, toluol, acetone, liquid plumr, iso-heet
decontamination costs are high
recipes on internet
new strawberry meth to entice youth, looks like candy
8-12 years old they try to get them hooked
some flavored like pb
youngsters with skin sores all over, horrible burns
pity and shock pictures galore
little skin marks
small dose-->euphoria, decr appetite, incr BP, HR, resp, alertness
incr dose: agitat, irrit
didn't get sx of high dose
15-30min rush, 8-12 hour high, $80-140 cost
highest dopamine spike of any known drug
eat 100-150
sex 100-200
coke 350
meth 1250 units dopamine
body temp up to 108 degrees
depletes Ca+ in bones
stimulant, oral, snort, smoke, inx
young girls wanting to be skinny
young boys wanting long hardon
hallucinations, paranoia, self harm-->infx
incr sex drive, urgency, failure to ejaculate or orgasm
incr transmission of HIV, other STI
faster aging, faster when young
tightens jaw muscles--use of pacifier to save teeth

Montana Meth Project 2005 started
big statewide program, it worked
Montana #39 in nation
teen use down 63%, adult down 72%, 62% decr in meth related crime
project now in AZ, other states

the love drug
may also contain caffeine, ephedrine, meth, LSD, PCP, ketamine
chem stucture sim to amphetamine and mescaline
given out at alcohol free parties, parents let the kids go
selling water, pts dehydrate
pills marked with sky, vw

canthine and cathinone, phenyalkylamines
none here yet
big UK, Europe, in Africa, Kenya, now in Ontario
high sim to ecstasy but is a plant food
M-cat, MC, mieow, meow, 4MMC, plant fertilizer
SE: ha, palpit, N, cold or blue fingers
sold as white powder, caps, pills

solvents, glue
quickly rising use

disturbing youth trends
pharm parties (from parents drug cabinet)
take handfulls and wash down with booze
OTC sleep pills
cough meds with dextromethrophin fries livers
names for DM: dex, robo, velvet, skittles, tussin

oxycontin huge, all pain relievers
oragel, 3 tubes not enough to relieve pain from chewing other meds
injx, pill, snort

make from grinding dried opium poppy husks, fine powder, addictive tea
more on west coast? spreading
may not be illegal yet

sugar, taurine, ginseng, ephedrine
dependence possibility
use to reverse effects of alcohol
cocktails made with these
2x sexual risk relative to alcohol

sold by kids at schools, used instead of cocaine

2.3% use
med for asthma, whooping cough, muscle spasm, to control Parkinson's salivation

strong hallucinogenic
medscape 2011 on sx:

rohypnol: anesthetic, sedative, used to boost heroin high, to reduce stim sx
GHB gamma-hydroxibutyric acid: anesthetic, causes euphoria, sometimes known as liquid ecstasy
I have been slipped one of these and I am really glad I had two friends with me, both male
I felt as if I'd had six margaritas when I really only had one

testosterone cypionate, t enonthate
ergogenic, performance enhancing
oxymetholone, stanozolol, nandrolone
child use-->tendon damage dt muscle overgrowth
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