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Forty Two Thousand Gallons A Day

1 cubic foot per second (cfs) = 450 gallons per min
a gallon weighs eight pounds and contains 8 pints, the average human contains 10 pints of blood
42,000 gallons/day (1 day/24 hours)(x 1hour/60 minutes) = 29.1667 gallons/minute
29.1667 gallons/minute (1cfs/450gallon/min) = .648 cubic feet per second
That's not enough to kayak on.

The NY Times says the leak could take months to stop. I sure hope the booms work to divert the oil to where it can be contained. I wonder if they just burn it on the surface. Images of the spill are conspicuously absent on the internet. The media is complicit in maintaining BP's image.

The Coast guard calls it about 1000 barrels a day. One barrel = 42 gallons, so everybody is parroting the coast guard estimate. Wonder how accurate their estimate is. It is notoriously difficult to estimate flow volume.

In the US in 2007 we use 20,680,000 barrels a day. America is the world's top user of oil, with China gaining fast, and Japan and Russia using goodly amounts but not much at all compared to America.

Mother Earth is Bleeding
We who live upon her best be respectful
Timeline of the current spill here:
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