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A1 and A2 MILK: Do you know the difference?

I didn't until just now but I have a feeling this info may come up again. There are two different kinds of casein found in milk. Type A1 is associated with disease. Type A2 is not. France has mostly A2 cows and New Zealand is transitioning to A2. I wonder why? How long have people known about this distinction? "Old fashioned" Jersey and Guernsey cows as well as goats and sheep produce A2 milk. Why is the new school milk dangerous? Is genetic engineering for maximum production at the root of this? Bottom line: We want A2 milk, especially for children. I just didn't know about it until today, but my friend Mary is always good for teaching me something new. I was already switched over to goat dairy (feta and kefir), which is easy to do here in Portland. Not so easy some places.

the beta-casein protein in both A1 and A2 milk contains 209 amino acids. the amino acid at position 67 in A1 milk is histidine, and in A2 milk, it is proline. proline binds very tightly with the amino acid, isoleucine, in position 66. however, histidine forms a very weak link with isoleucine, which is easily broken by digestive enzymes and when this happens, beta-casomorphin-7, (BCM7) is produced. these casomorphins are derived from casein and have opiate like effects on the body. they have been linked with heart disease, schizophrenia, autism, and type 1 diabetes. A1 beta-casein is found for example, in the milk of the main cow here in the us, holsteins. A2 milk is found in the old fashioned jersey and guernsey cows and others, as well as in goats and sheep milk. in france, most of the cows are A2 cows. maybe that is why i always like french cheese so much and my body does too. in new zealand, most of the country is in the process of converting their cow herds to all A2 producing milk cows. a book i read on the subject is "devil in the milk" by keith woodford.
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