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Rotavirus Vaccine Removed due to Contamination

Global Distribution of Rotaviral Infection

GlaxoSmithKline vaccine: Rotarix for Rotavirus
given mainly to infants
rotavirus is a real concern, esp in 3rd world nations, over 500,000 infants die/year (world)
infection most often caused by impure drinking water
mostly of dehydration but other complications are possible
vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2008
already given to ~1 million U.S. children, 30 million worldwide

GSK VACCINE CONTAINS DNA from porcine circovirus 1
virus #1 found is not known to cause disease, #2 causes dz in pigs
an academic research team using a novel technique to look for viruses in vaccines found it
drug maker confirmed its presence in both the cell bank and the seed of early vaccine stages
FDA confirmed findings
vaccine use is suspended

the Merck vaccine does not appear to be contaminated
RotaTeq, approved in 2006

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