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This email from the local Ron Paul yahoo group today: the Tea Party Crowd has got word that some commie socialist leftists are coming to their events to catch them on film being nasty rascists. If only there weren't so many fearful and rascist people among the Tea Party, this would not be so deadly a tactic. I wonder, if I go to one of these events, if I will be the one with someone pointing an arrow at me on a sign that says INFILTRATOR. I see both sides and would like to discuss all possibilities. What is so wrong with that? When do the adversarial mind games end and the open discussion begin?
subject: Tea Party Infiltrators -

Many have asked about the news that there may be "infiltrators" at tea party rallies around the nation tomorrow. A website (crashtheteaparty.org) was recently set up. The creator is Jason Levin, a middle school teacher in Beaverton, Oregon. He's on record saying that you might see some of his team in Nazi uniforms at your event pretending to be racists and other offensive characters. You do need to know what the left is up to.

At our April 15 Tax Day Rally we should expect disruptors and be prepared for them....individuals and the media.

Here are some tips for dealing with this situation, should it arise.

1. Be prepared. Make sure your security team knows about the potential for disturbance, and your procedures for dealing with any issues. If you have law enforcement at your event, let them know about the potential threats in advance. Most are happy to remove people who intend to disturb your event.
2. Have a plan. We suggest that you handle every incident in a predetermined manner. Your preparation will allow you to handle any incident in a calm and reasoned manner.
3. No aggressive confrontation. Make sure all of your people know that they are in the media spotlight. Our behavior will be watched. So if you encounter these miscreants, be polite, and ask them to leave your event. If you have police there, ask them to help you.
4. Video, video, video. Make sure you have teams of people with Flip cams or other easy format video, and make sure every single encounter of this nature is captured on videotape. Create the record. We'll use it later to publicly humiliate the bad actors, and also to allow you to prove your version of the incidents if challenged.
5. Partner up. If you are going to deal with one of these situations, always have at least one other person with you. It's imperative that any situation not be your word against someone else's. Have a witness and a helper with you at all times.
6. Make signs that say "Infiltrator. This person is not with us." Put a big arrow on it so that you can stand next to infiltrators and point at them. Usually this will embarrass them, ruin their prank, and they will leave.
7. Talk about the issue of behavior and signs at the beginning of your event. Set the guidelines.
a. No signs or behavior evidencing bigotry or racism of any kind will be tolerated, and people will be asked to get rid of them or leave.
b. We are polite, law abiding people, and that's how we run our events.
c. Ask attendees to immediately report any suspicious people to event security or the police.
8. Don't worry...be happy. If you weren't so good at what you are doing, and so successful at influencing the debate in this country, people wouldn't feel compelled to try to shoot you down using sleazy tactics. You are dominating the political playing field, and doing so by being honest, operating with integrity and staying within the law. Be proud of what you are accomplishing, and enjoy your day.

Here is a sample of what a disruptive tactic might be:
(from the Daily Cos - a leftie website)

Tea Parties all across America are being organized - all about getting less funding for government. Let’s show up with a better message: STOP funding wars and Wall Street, and start funding the needs of the people– health care, education, and a green economy. Join us as we crash their party.

Disguised as a news crew we (Tea Party Opponents) will do some in person interviewers with teabaggers. We’re going to ask open ended questions that seem to have a slight conservative bent to (hopefully) get them to open up and just start ranting. Then, we take any examples of racism, hatred, ignorance, and stupidity that we catch on camera and make a little movie out of it. Probably a YouTube special.

Here’s the list of questions we (Tea Party Opponents) have so far - please send more.

* What are you celebrating (The Boston Tea Party), and can you explain its historical relevance?

* Do you approve of Michael Steele’s plan to expand the GOP through a “hip-hop urban-suburban marketing strategy”?

* Presuming that someone complains about wasteful government spending) “So you disapprove of your tax dollars going to the Iraq War?” [should elicit some confusion]


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Apr. 16th, 2010 02:17 am (UTC)
Well, we were going do this. Tea? Splendid my good man, splendid!


You know how you don't get caught on camera being nasty racists? By not being nasty racists. I hate their "Not armed yet" signs. I'm a rural liberal, and plenty of people are getting like, "Bring it, tubby white guy. We have guns, too." This is just bringing to country in a really bad direction.

Now I know how the conservatives felt in the 60's...

They are now tossing the "T" word around to describe themselves. They scare me. I feel like this is what happened in Germany. I feel personally threatened by the Tea Partiers. "Not armed yet".

Over health care? Really? And what are they for?
Apr. 16th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
You crack me up. It would be nice if we could sit down for tea, eh? If we are ever in the same city, I invite you to join me for tea! You can be as leftist as you want, but can we be polite? =-D

The Tea Party notion was originally a few constitutionalists who wanted us to get our government and ourselves free of the corporations who now rule the world. But that idea has been lost under so much anger and fear and senseless talking points (Obama is a socialist, etc) that the original utility of the modern Tea Party has been lost. And then the Palinists and other ignorant republicans hitched their wagon to the tea party, not really realizing what it has become.

Now the Tea Party is a radically disenfranchised mob that can't agree about anything of any complexity among themselves, much less with infiltrators who may actually think instead of just shouting bogusness. I have gone to several events and talked with lots of people and mainly I've found a ferocious sort of certainty that is generally based on wholehearted belief in some pundit's view, but not on reason or discourse or personal research. Whenever I interject a fact, like for example, the fact that Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for 12 years (so he probably knows a bit more about the constitution than I do), I am faced with disbelief and hostility. Facts are of no use in the face of such emotion.

It's not clear to me when we're ever going to get around to that cup of tea and figuring out how to straighten things out. But over kitchen tables is a good place to start.

OH! I just went to your link. HILARIOUS! The one liners are great.

* What health care problem? I feel just fine.
* Let them eat Advil.
* Whatever happened to an apple a day?
* Band-Aids are affordable.
* Nothing Says “Freedom” Like Denying Claims
* Don’t Tread My Freedom to Deny Your Claim
* Don’t Blame Me for Your Pre-Existing Condition
* Skyrocketing Premiums: What’s Not to Like?
* Your fight is not with us, it’s for us. (to the teabaggers)
* Ask not what your healthcare corporation can do for you…but what you can do for your healthcare corporation
* For the past 8 years, health care costs have been moving in the right direction…Up!
* Nobody’s forcing you to get sick, you know.
* Support Our Troops: Stop Giving Them Socialized Medicine! (thru the VA)
* Fight Socialism! Take Away VA Benefits from our Troops Now!
* Fight Socialism! End Medicare Now!
* Who needs infrastructure?
* Your premiums may have doubled, but our salaries have tripled!
* The system works great — for the insurance industry!
* Keeping our profits healthy will require some sacrifice. Not on our part, of course.
* You deserve the healthcare you can afford
* Private Insurance works just fine
* Walk it off.
* Wealth before health. (used a la “age before beauty”)
* We’re just like you — minus a few billion dollars and a butler or two. (to teabaggers)
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