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reading Chomsky

There's something very reassuring about reading Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival. My sense of dread over US behavior in the world has escalated over the last few years, and my frustration with people's ignorance has been paired with a feeling that perhaps I am nuts... Perhaps my perception of what is happening is all wrong. But Chomsky tells me that I am not crazy. Chomsky tells me that indeed, fascism IS good for business, and the events of today are founded firmly in long traditions and developing philosophies. His writing is dense and it flows from subject to subject. It requires some intelligence to follow him, and he is sometimes ironic or even sarcastic. But I feel better just knowing that this one foreign affairs buff and brilliant linguist sees the same things happening in the world that I do. I am not alone.
Tags: business, fascism, foreign policy, hegemony, history

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