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Experiments with Food or Not: First Day of Blenderized Food

So I've been on a diet that was fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch and dinner, and lots of supplemental fiber. I went a day longer than planned on solid food, just because I had too much of it and am unwilling to let food waste. I've had no grains, sugars, starches for a good long while now. I have lost 7 pounds in the last 5 days, probably mostly retained water but my fat burden seems to be shifting already too. I had an appointment with Dr Bailey today.

He prescribed the diet I've just completed, the "bulking diet" with all the fiber and forced feedings. Keep eating. I felt really full the whole time, in fact I think my gut distended some. I was unable to eat the last official "bulking" dinner, and skipped it. I suppose that is part of the purpose of the diet, to get us sick of feeling hugely bloated. I asked him today what he saw as the purpose of the bulking diet, and he said there were four purposes. These are in my words, not his:

1) dredge out the intestine, get it moving, get the proteins and fats moved out of there
2) flush out the gall bladder 3x in the am, which relieves liver congestion
3) burn off the stored glycogen in the liver (stimulates hunger/cravings so get it done early)
4) alkalinize the blood

I asked him my eternal question: Is lemon really alkalinizing? Yes. Why? ....he said that he has heard the explanation from another doc but that he did not grasp the biochemistry of it, that it was something like 5 steps. He said that it is well established that lemon is alkalinizing, and he has tested his own urine to see if it is true. I think I need some pH paper now, to continue the experiment.

So, the blenderized diet. Today:
Breakfast: kiwi, strawberry and pear smoothie with berry livingfuel (not prescribed by DrB)
Lunch: beet, celery, garlic smoothie with a little leftover sweet potato and cabbage
Dinner: big green salad with cilantro, parsley, cucumber, beans, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, brewer's yeast. I didn't keep to yesterday's no salt pledge. I guess I'll be addicted to salt up until I give up everything. Dr B OK'd my eating the rest of the salad with a little oil, as long as I chew it thoroughly. He also said "sea salt is OK". I have most of a pineapple cut up ready to go into the next fruit batch. I haven't finished the last fruit batch yet, though.

I'm supposed to put garlic in every smoothie to keep my candida down, but for the fruit smoothies I'm using other anti-fungals like cinnamon and ginger. I also have caprylic acid which I dose with the sweet stuff to keep the sugars from kicking off a new growth phase.

I set aside a couple of jars of pureed beets for my ramp up when I break the fast. I have never eaten beets, except when they were served to me at someone else's house. They are sweet, and good for the liver and gut, and a nice base for a smoothie. They are also so brightly pink-red colored that it's a real job keeping color from getting all around. I'm told my urine should start looking bright red, and that my fecal matter may also be more vivid than usual.
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