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Aluminum Toxicity and use in Vaccines

is a light metal
is in some vaccines (Hep A&B, DTaP, Hib, Pneumocc, HPV/Gardasil, et al)
is not in all (read package inserts)
is a known toxin with no beneficial biological function
impairs glutathione synthesis
impairs your body’s ability to excrete mercury
is used as adjuvant in vaccines without good research proving that it does what they say it does
FDA limit of 850mcg/vaccine is based on commercial usage and not on safety
no limit on how many vaccines are given at the same time
no different between infant and adult max dose
doses given to children in US have more than doubled since the 1980's

listen to interview again and take notes:

these notes taken from Mercola's comments,
and not from audio recording linked above which goes into more depth


concerned about mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines
later became concerned about aluminum
parents of autistic children kept pointing out the fact that their children had high aluminum levels
variety of metals testing methods employed
a well respected nutritionist showed him toxicity profiles of middle school children who had ADHD
90% of kids in one particular school had developed ADHD during the course of a single year
their toxicity profiles showed massive amounts of aluminum
they were drinking a drink that had high levels

he did a pilot study
with Dr. Usman, who treats autism with biomedicine
evaluated the aluminum burden of these autistic children
high percentage of them also had very high aluminum burdens

mercury has been eliminated from the single-dose vials of most childhood vaccines
yet autism rates continue to skyrocket
so people discount the mercury theory

while mercury use has decreased, the use of aluminum additives has increased
aluminum is adjuvant added to vaccine to boost host immune response to antigen
vaccine manufacturer can use a smaller amount of antigen-->production less expensive
(it really is all about money)

modern medical literature admits that how this happens is a mystery
it’s not a consistent finding
couple of studies on the more recent HPV vaccine found that aluminum adjuvant had no effect on imm response
so nobody knows for sure if aluminum is doing what it is supposed to do

a light metal, not a heavy metal
it's common everywhere but does not belong in the body
is not required for anything, does not cofactor anything, is not essential in any way
aluminum is a poison

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)
Hib vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine
Gardasil (HPV vaccine)
and others: read the package insert

comprehensive list of approved vaccines on the FDA’s website
has links to each package insert

amount of aluminum in each vaccine varies
toxicity depends on dose and distribution
small dose from injection-->rapid rise in blood aluminum levels
a larger dose that stays put in the tissue may not cause as much toxicity

one vaccine in particular is worst in terms of aluminum content: Pediatrix
pediatrix = combination vaccine, contains 850 mcg of elemental aluminum
average aluminum content per vaccine ranges between 200 to 400 mcg
Prevnar contains 125 mcg of aluminum

kids get multiple vaccines, sometimes all administered at the same time
children are getting concentrations of aluminum that are 10 to 20 times higher than mercury
children today are receiving 17 shots that contain aluminum
compared to four vaccines from the 1970-80's
milligram dose of aluminum received has more than doubled since then

impairs your body’s ability to excrete mercury
impairs glutathione synthesis
makes mercury more toxic
mercury sources include: fish, dental amalgams

FDA sets the guidelines for vaccine contents and amounts
FDA: maximum amount of allowable elemental aluminum is 850 mcg per vaccine
does not discriminate between infant and adult
the limitation of 850 mcg per vaccine is based on the effectiveness of the adjuvant role of aluminum

...those who argue that the amounts of aluminum in vaccines is a “legally safe dose” are really just citing a regulatory guideline that is based solely on the efficacy of the vaccine, and NOT based on any safety data whatsoever.
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