liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Three Laptop Computers

The machine I am currently typing on is an acer ASPIRE 5532, and it is, pardon my French, a piece of shit. It was cheap, that's why I have it. And it has windows 7 and a screen big enough to show some spreadsheet. I can't remember exactly what I paid for it, but it was something close to $350. One of the reasons I despise this machine is that ACER keeps sending me messages, offering to update things every day, etc. I just went into the messaging thing trying to shut it off, and it won't let me. I can set it for the minimum number of messages (monthly) and so that it doesn't make a distracting sound when it is sending me the unwanted message. It's a form of harrassment. This machine is full of commercial harassment parading as service. I hate windows 7 with a passion already. It's like they keep making everything stupider. My last computer, which is still with me, is the MSI Wind, which I got for $300 with the 6 cell battery. It has windows xp which is tolerable. It is a "netbook" with a 95% keyboard that types fine, a reasonably functional fingerpad, an LED screen and a long battery life. It's a hard working fast slick little machine and I respect it. The one before that was a Mac G4, and I fell in love with that machine the day I got it. It cost $1400 but I had a job then and it was what I wanted. I enjoyed the colors of the screen, the magnet that held it closed, the on/off button. And the language that the machine spoke was unfamiliar, but I understood it; I could figure out how to do what I wanted to do. There was no advertising. The machine sold me. Mac is the way. I will never buy a HP because they supported the Shrub regime. The original reason I went with a Mac was campaign contributions.
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