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Hepatitis Tx

Hep A: fecal oral transmission, acutes only
Hep B & C: blood, saliva, semen transmission, can lead to chronic/carrier state
Hep D: Coinfx with HBV, chronic state
Hep E: fecal oral trans, contaminated waetr, acute state, more in Africa, Asia, Mexico

silymarin 230-420 mg DD
schisandra 100mg bid (improves ALT levels)
astragalus 4-7 grams powder qd (for chronic)
thymus extracts 200mg tid
licorice root 2-4ml fluid extract tid/1-2gm powder tid
catechin 500-750 mg tid (great for acute hep)
betaine up to 20gms qd (for NASH, inflam)
iron free multivitamin
selenium 200 mcg (precursor to glutathione peroxidase)
B complex 50mg bid
Vit C 200-1000mg tid (if acute use IV 50-10gm (sic) qd)
glutamine 2-4 grams cc qd (precursor to glutathione)
EFAs 1-3gm (for NASH)
NAC (800mg qd) (precursor to glutathione)
alpha lipoic acid 300mg bid
methionine 200mcg bd
phosphatidylcholine 3gm tid (hep B, fibrosis)
vit E (hep C, improves interferon therapy)

Siebert nutrition notes 2010
Tags: common conditions, hepatitis, liver, nd3, nutrition
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