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Interviewing Techniques

points taken from book: How Doctors Think
doctors missing things

feelings color doctor behavior
like someone-->not want to cause discomfort, difficulty
dislike someone-->not trust or care as much

cognition influences diagnostic chops
what you expect is what you see
ruling out cognitively instead of on actual info
keep an open mind

level of arousal
not boring and not overstimulated-->optimal performance
is there anything else this could possibly be?
is this an emergency?

use of subjective and objective findings
objective = quantifiable, vitals, lab values
subjective = qualitative, vitality, disposition, motivation, pulse diagnosis
challenge of charting the subjective: signs of mood, etc
docs may seem inclined toward one or the other
which do I like better? who is complementary to refer to?

book: Paradox in Healing
in our library
out of normal doctoring paradigm
chronic pain docs

phase transition
chronic illness crossroads
doctors can't take you there
idea about healing from chronic sx
lots of myth and quantum physics
lots of case studies

her story
chronic sx
a doc said "I don't know what you have and I don't know how to help you"
so she found naturopathic medicine
it didn't work
so she found processwork
different things have helped at different times

cultural blind spots
depression, anxiety, pain have context beyond the self
book: New Day Demon about depression, suicide in the Inuits
pop couldn't share their feelings at all
living in very small space during winter
hard life, not much food, couldn't talk about it
taboo to complain
had to take pts out of culture to begin to address the issues
travel is a good way to reduce your blind spots

processwork center
invites people from other cultures
helps funds internationals
sometimes cultural outsider has myth or way of solving major cultural blockage issues

where is naturopathic medicine very strong?
where are our blind spots?
we don't get enough patients during education to have strong pattern recognition
of clinical presentations

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