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My favorite repeat presidential candidate was in the news yesterday. A group of conservatives in Washington DC had a straw poll and decided that they will support Dr Paul if he will run again. We sure could use his pragmatism and economic smarts about now. He is so much saner than most of his supporters. But now it appears that the Conservative Political Action Conference participants may well be seeing clearly past the idiocy that is the remnants of the Republican party.

Paul was preferred by 31% of voters in the Conservative Political Action Conference's presidential preference straw poll yesterday, one of the strongest wins in CPAC history. Sarah Palin, who skipped the group's conference, came in a distant third with 7% of the vote... I don't know if you heard about how Ms Palin tried to hitch her little red wagon onto the Tea Party in Nashville and didn't get pulled along as much as she would have liked....and the Tea Party protests were originally the idea of some Ron Paul supporters. The Tea Party turned into a "party" when everyone who was disenfranchised with Obama for any reason (including racism) joined in...but a crowd like that will never come up with a reasonable platform.

Back to the news: Mitt Romney, after topping CPAC's poll for the past three years, came in second, with 22% of the 2400 votes cast. So the Mormon is losing some ground but he's still up there. He's one to watch.


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Feb. 23rd, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
pardon my limited analogy to cellular biology, but if the "sides" of the political parties continue to polarize, much like mitosis, or some such biological event describing the division and creation of new cells, so, possibly may be the development of a third and centrist party, made up of reasonable and intelligent politicians who might possibly want to accomplish something in their life time other than broker power or stand staunchly on a cause while the rest of us burn. Look in to the future and see the possibility.
And, I'm not sure Ron Paul would comply well with the political requirements of the CPAC group. That was truly scary to watch...
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