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The Dalai Lama Visits Obama

I would have loved to witness today's meeting between the Dalai Lama and Obama... Too bad for China, so sorry, you don't always get your way. Chinese leaders want Obama not to recognize the Dalai Lama. They want to pretend that they have some right to occupy Tibet, and that it is some kind of mistake to meet with the Dalai Lama. Obama is not the sort of guy who would refuse to speak with such a leader. They are BOTH Nobel Peace Price laureates. The Dalai Lama is important to many people around the world, and not just because of the situation in Tibet. He represents a way of thought that could possibly bring world peace. Their shared interest in the peace process is justification enough for these men to meet. But China won't fall for that. Obama is earning his Nobel Peace Prize now. Here's the White House Blog statement on the visit.

Though as we know Obama is not all dove. Last month the US announced a decision to sell $6 billion worth of arms to Taiwan. But keeping China in check locally could certainly help prevent broader aggression, so I think I understand the rationale for the sale. China does have an overabundance of young men right now, because of the law limiting births in combination with the devaluation of the female. Too many young men and not enough young women makes an army. The weaponry sold to Taiwan includes Patriot Missiles, Black Hawk helicopters, communications equipment for F-16s, and more.
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