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Dream: Carrying a Boat to the River

I have not been remembering my dreams since the beginning of the semester. I have dreamt the last two nights, and in both dreams, I am carrying my boat toward the river. The last river that I ran was Fossil Creek, which involves carrying your boat about a mile on a rough trail to get to the payoff: travertine waterfalls. In my dream the river is not Fossil Creek. Two nights ago the river was in Tennessee and I was in the company of Jeff, and last night the river was in Arizona. The rocks and saguaros looked like a canyon near Tucson.

The common bit, carrying the boat, could represent what I am going through now, a long hard struggle toward the place of my joy. Being on the water gives me great joy. In the desert canyon dream I enjoy the hike so much that I put the boat down and forget about it, having to go back for it later. I am not happy about having to carry the boat--it is very heavy--but I will need it when I get to the water.

I am not pleased about re-taking college physics--but it is a boat that I have to carry. I will need it when I get to the river. I hope that my new career path will bring me to a flowing place that is as joyful as the flow of a fresh clear river. For now I am carrying the boat. My shoulder hurts.

There are three factors which I believe contribute to the resumption of my dreams. 1. The cat is letting me sleep. 2. I am leaving the window quite wide open so it is very cold in my room at night. and 3. I have improved my diet substantially and am not eating after dinner.
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