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Virginia considering NDs as preventative health counselors

Dear Supporters of Naturopathic Medicine,

Please take a moment to let your state legislators know you support HJ 124 (
It should take less than 90 seconds.

House Resolution 124
has passed the Virginia House of Delegates and is now in the Senate
will be read by a Rules subcommittee any day now-->full Rules committee-->full Senate
resolution was put forth by Delegate Terry Kilgore, District 1 in the SW
resolution would ask the Board of Health Professions to look into temporarily allowing ND's to do preventative health counseling in this part of the state
Delegate Terry Kilgore has sway in the house but not in the senate so we need grassroots support
link to send letter:
important to contact:
Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (District 31: Arlington & Falls Church), chair of Rules Committee
info from: Chris Johnson, Vice President VAANP

Dear Supporters of Naturopathic Medicine

Please take a moment to let your state legislators know you support HJ 124 ( It should take less than 90 seconds.

This resolution calls for a study to assess the possibility of naturopathic doctors being temporarily licensed in Southwest Virginia. This will help remedy the severe shortage of health care professionals in this area.

Naturopathic doctors are uniquely skilled to offer the type of preventative medicine which is so badly needed in the Southwest – a region plagued by disproportionate rates of diabetes, heart disease and other preventable conditions.

You can either send the form letter as it is, or add your own input.

Thank you for letting your legislator know you support this important initiative.


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