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Bayh Says Bye to the Senate

When a moderate quits you know Congress has become a war zone. The fact that this guy quit it raises him in my esteem. In his speech he said "I am not motivated by strident partisanship or ideology". That makes him an oddity in politics. Seems like many members hide behind formulaic positions and don't bother to put their real thought and work and opinion on the line. They're making deals, not laws. They're keeping the seat warm. I'd like to see each member of both senate and congress, from both parties, go home and write in ten pages or less their dream for America's future. If they can't do that assignment, they're fired. Next week we'll brainstorm another issue.

Democrats still have 59/100 votes in the senate, but they're going to lose more. I am sure of it. They have demonstrated their inability to make anything resembling meaningful reform. They have proven that they value the job more than they value the truth. They will walk in lockstep off the cliff, but for a few brave ones that peel out to the side, like Evan Bayh.

Bayh is only 54, so he may have another chance to play the game of US politics. Actually, quitting this congress is a good way to build name recognition. He could be elected as a representative again, and he's on the list of possible presidential contenders too. I'm calling for a revolution in which MODERATES take over. Has that ever happened?

Meanwhile, back in Indiana, a nobody who has been gathering signatures in the wings is ready to run for Bayh's seat. Her name is Tamyra D'Ippolito and she's against "Sexism with a big S". That's all I know about her. Sexism does not top my list of gripes about US politics, though I am certain it is there, because it is everywhere. But if she can get elected be getting all the po'd housewives to vote for her, then by golly we will have some new blood in our Houses of Congress. And that would be fine.

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