liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Portland Weather

It got down to 47 last night, currently 59 at 10:21am. Road surface has puddles and dry spots, hasn't precipitated since I got up. Sky is gray, mostly flat surface, a few thinner spots, hardly moving. No wind. It's 70 inside my office and I haven't turned on the heat today. Deeper inside the apartment it's in the 80's. I turned off the fire.

4:39pm. Just one puffy cloud visible from my desk seat. If I get up I can see piles of cumulus out over the Cascade mountains, but here it is clear. The road is mostly dry with only small remnants of puddles in the gutters. The temperature is 52. I walked to the grocery store and back with a large pack on, picked up a giant sack of cat food. I tried twice to take the bus to Trader Joes and missed the bus both times, because they were running early. So I rode my bike to TJ's for supplies. It was more fun than the bus anyway.
Tags: portland, weather

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