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Homework Re-Do: Homeopathy

RE-DO of the case of the 19 month old boy with acute OM and greenish-yellow mucus everywhere. I got my original back with a whole bunch of notes on it, the tone of which were....disgusted I'd say. Hopefully my work this time will be more acceptable to the master.

For this re-do I let go of all my previous ideas of the case. I started a fresh Boenninghausen's X and reread it line by line. It sounded different this time. Pretty interesting how different. So I reorganized as you asked, using underlining to reinforce the relative value of clues as a I read. I then repetorized more or less in the order of strength of expression of the symptoms in the X diagram. I hope this is what you want me to do. I am sure you will tell me if it is not.

This process of re-doing the repertorization has been sort of liberating for me. I already found the indicated remedy once, so I experimented and used different rubrics, eschewing the yellowish-green ones that I used so centrally before. I am still doing this by hand, by lamplight craned over a desk, and I have to stretch from time to time and wonder how thick Kent's glasses were. I am pleased to report that using your squint-eye method of choosing the top rubrics, the top remedies came up again reliably.

My top three with the new organization were Pulsatilla at the top, with the contenders being Kali-s and Chamomila. Behind those two come Kali-bi, Sulphur and Merc. (The last time I repetorized I got Kali-b, Kali-s, Merc and Puls.) I used Phatak's Materia Medica and Morrison's "red book" Desktop companion to compare remedies.

Kali-sulphuricum was my favorite last time and it still is my choice for this case, as much as I know. Kali-s is strongly associated with bronchial issues, is irritable and timid in strange places, and is definitely worse in a warm room. These three items match perfectly. The yellowness of the discharge is also specific.

Pulsatilla definitely tops the charts for strength in the Synthesis. Every rubric I picked indicated it strongly. The thickness and coloration of the mucus are right, and the dirty coloration of the tongue is pretty specific. But because this remedy is very well represented while others are not, I must look beyond it. There are other possibilities. And some of Pulsatilla's strongest characteristics, like the weepiness, are missing.

Kali bichromicum is a fair match, lacking the caprice and warmth aggravates modality. It has mention of nasal obstruction and originating in chronic sinusitis, same as kali-s. The mucus is a good match, with emphasis on the yellow-greenish color and left sidedness. But the modalities miss, and boy has no stitching pain or other indications for kali-bi.

Mercury is a fair match for four of these five symptoms, but I can rule it out because I know the remedy a little bit. The discharge is the right color, but the wrong consistency and certainly not described as acrid, four, burning, offensive or excoriating. There are no enlarged lymph nodes, it is not worse in night air, there is no ulceration.

Sulphur came up much more strongly in this repetorization than the last. I had to give it a look because of the red-orangeness of the tympanic membrane in the case. It turns out that it's a pretty good match with the aggravation from heat and left sidedness, but some of the sulphur classics like egg and dairy cravings, or stopped ears (in OM per Morrison), are not present. And the personality is all wrong; this child just wants to be held and doesn't have that brassiness of a sulphur.
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