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Obama's First state of the union speech

Obama introduced
applause is steady, whose hands are stinging
npr talkers talking
i'm not listening to them
big applause, he starts
constitution: info to congress about state of union
historical perspective, the union has been through a few troubled times
uncertainty, test of convictions
division disagreement hesitation fear
move forward as one nation, people
we are tested we must answer histroy's call
1 year ago he took office
wars, recession, financial collapse, possibility of depression
worst of storm has passed but devastation remains
unemployment, biz closed, home value decline, poverty worse, work, retire, college
he's in his element
reads letters
change not fast enough
frustration, anger: why bad is rewarded? partisanship, pettiness
bonding with the people but lost me
stubborn resilience
this great decency and strength
he sees the best in America and does not mention the worst
union is strong
we do not give up, quit, let fear/division break spirit
*govt needs to match decency and strength of people
urgent shoring up of banks
"we all hated the bank bailout"
root canal analogy
promise not to do popular, but necessary
meltdown-->things would have been worse
financial rescue-->markets stabilized, money mostly recovered
he proposed fee on biggest banks to get the rest
wall street isn't keen
pretty big cheers in favor
growth, save jobs, help unemployed
18,000 get unemployment bennies
25 tax cuts for 95% of working families
and small business and 1st time home buyers,
parents with kids, 8 million paying for college
applause enthused
trickle down theory in odd direction-->pay off people-->businesses supported
2 million more working than would have been
first responders
what did all this good: the recovery act "that's right" aka the stimulus bill
back to pitying the unemployed-->calling for new jobs bill
applause fair
jobs bill?
govt create conditions where biz can expand
starting with small business
companies that begin when entrepeneur takes on a dream
grit and deterination
small business owners not getting loans right now
wants to take fee on big banks to help community banks be liquid to loan to locals
if I understood that right
*proposing new small business tax credit
raise wages
no capital gains on small biz investment and help them invest in equip
build infrastructure
railroads, interstates, competition
fast trains, clean energy
high speed RR
applause lukewarm
clean energy
applause slightly warmer
help energy efficient homeowners
encourage businesses to stay here
*stop tax breaks for co's that outsource
house jobs bill passed w/ some of this
senate do same?
yeah yells
unemployment pity again
no delay
7 million jobs lost in last 2 years
new foundation for longterm growth
not another economic expansion, slow jobs growth, decline in income, healthcare and tuition became pricey, housing prices became speculative
we have gridlock in political system, should we put things on hold
HOW LONG he asks
waiting we have done
nobody else is waiting
math and science
clean energy
he does not accept second place for US of A
chanting in crowd
hard, uncomfortable, contentious
time to get serious
hampering growth
serious financial reform
not to punish banks
to protect economy
strong healthy financial market
credit and new jobs
investments that raise income
guard against recklessness
info to consumers
not let financial institutions to take risks
house reform is passed with changes
lobbyists working to kill it
he threatens to reject bills that aren't real reform
"we gotta get it right"
research funding investment-->solar, cancer
energy as key area
solar panels
*new generation of nuclear plants
*offshore oil and gas development
*biofuels, clean coal
comprehensive clean energy bill
passed house last year, senate didn't pass
climate change
ruckus in crowd
even if you doubt the evidence, incentives for efficiency/clean e are right
we will lead the global economy if we do this
need to export more
make and sell more
*new goal: double exports in 5 years to support 2 million jobs here
export intitiative to help small biz and farmer increase export
weak response
trade deals must happen
jobs on our shores
need for enforcing agreements so trading partners play by rules
open global markets
key partners: S Korea, Panama, Colombia
*invest in skills and education of our people
improve our schools
invest in reform, turn around failing schools
antipoverty program = world class education
high school diploma doesn't guarantee good job
revitalize community colleges
missed some
increase pell grants
*let's tell more students that they only have to pay
10% of income on student loans, 25 year forgiveness, IBR
college tuition is just one burden of middle class
doubling child care tax credit
retirement accounts
increase home values
save on mortgage payments
homeowners move into more affordable mortgages
relieve burden on mid class
*still need health insurance reform
clear a few things up
didn't chose to tackle this issue for legislative victory
not because it was good politics
took it on because of stories
pre-existing conditions, denied coverage, one illness away from financial ruin
closer now than ever to bringing security
protect every american from worst practices of insurance agency
competitive market for insurance
by the way: Michelle Obama's cause: childhood obesity epidemic
right of americans t okeep doc, reduce costs and premiums
congressional budget office says it would reduce deficit by up to 1 trillion in 20 years
complex issue
skepticism increasing
he admits he didn't explain well enough to the people
people wondering what's in it for me?
describes the problems of NOT facing it
"I will not walk away"
temperatures cooling
take another look at the plan
doctors nurses healthcare experts consider it vast improvement
looking for
better approach to bring down premiums lower deficit and and and stop insurance abuses
we are so close
let's finish the job, Let's get it done
Healthcare reform will reduce deficit
but that's not enough to eliminate deficit
govt spending record:
last decade 2000 surplus 200 billion
took office 1 yr deficit of 1 trillion, 8 trillion projected in next decade
didn't pay for 2 wars 2 tax cuts and prescrip drug program
3 trillion budget hole from economy
took office in crisis
1 trillion more deficit since he took over, to stop economic crisis
feds need to tighten belts
how to pay for rescue
2011 freeze govt spending x 3 yrs
national security, medicare, medicade, soc secur not effected
work within budget
threatens veto
budget line by line eliminate progs we can't afford
middle class tax cuts extended
oil cos, invest fund managers, income over 250K won't keep tax cuts
calls for bipartisan fiscal something names
blocked by senate yesterday
"I refuse to pass this problem on to another generation of Americans"
senate should restore pay as you go law
some dems will argue can't address deficit or freeze spending
will start next year
that's how budgeting works
meaningful steps ot manage debt-->bad
deficits go away? like last 8 years? led to crisis, deficits
try something new
invest in people without leaving mtn of debt
meet responsibility to citizens
let's try common sense, a novel concept
we face more than a deficit of dollars
we face a deficit of trust
deep and corrosive doubt about washington
credibility gap
end lobbyist outsize influence
govt for people
why he came to wa
posts online to people
said something that got ahhs but I missed it
limits on lobbyist contributions
separation of powers
supreme court reversed law that opens corporate spending on elections floodgates
he doesn't like it
people should decide
urges fixing it
need earmark reform
public trust needs more
*wants congress to publish all earmark requests so americans can see where money is being spent
no reform if not interpersonal reform
"I'm not naive"
acknowledges differences, philosophies, priorites
essence of democracy
"every day is election day"
who can get the most embarassing headlines about the other side
you lose I win
obstructing bills just because they can
speaking to both parties
don't hold hostage the process
saying anything about the other side is just part of the game?
politics sows division
"I will not give up, I'm trying to change the tone of our politics."
we still need to govern
dems: largest majority in decades-->mandate to solve problems not run for hills
reps: just saying no to everything is not leadership, serve citizens not ambitions
let's show we can do it together
plans to begin monthly meetings with both dem and rep leadership
you can't wait
911 unity gone
who's to blame? doesn't want to relitigate
we love our country and are committed to its defense
new focus on terrorists
invest in homeland securtiy
disrupted plots
filling gaps, swifter action,
prohibited torture
al quaida was hit hard in 09
2011 troops begin to come home
reward good governance, support afghan rights both men and women
london meeting
we will succeed
take the fight to al quaida
leave iraq to its people
will end this war
will have combat troops out of iraq by this august
support iraqi govt in elections
war is ending
all troops are coming home
men and woman in uniform have to know that they ahve our respect, gratitude, full support
support them when they come home
invest in veterans
21st century VA
support military families
threat of nuclear weapons
kennedy and reagan idea to seek world without nukes
insure deterrent
arms control treaty in the works
april nuclear security summit 34 nations in DC
secure all nukes in 4 years so not fall into terrorist hands
nations violating international agreements: N Korea, Iran
consequences grow
work w/ G20 sustain recovery
work w/ muslim --> sci innovation ???
feed selves
fight aids
respond to bioterrorism, infx dz
over 60 yrs destiny connect to those beyond our shores
and because it is right
10,000 Americans helping Haiti
world stories
stand on the side of freedom and human dignity
unity in diversity
all created equal
abide by law and be protected by it
be treated same if you abide by common values
civil rights division in his admin
strengthened laws to protect vs hate crimes
repeal law vs gays in military
"it's the right thing to do"
crack down on violations of equal pay laws
women equal pay for equal day
fix immigration system
in the end
built america
forge a nation of immigrants
values drive us still
responsibilities to family, employer, neighbor, country
pride in labor
generous in spirit
values are American, not party line, not business
corporations, media, institutions doing important work
ceo rewards self for failure-->doubts grow
we lose faith
citizens turn away
campaigned on change we can believe in
americans not sure we can change or that I can deliver
i never suggested change would be easy or that I could do it alone
democracy is noisy, messy, complicated
big things stir passion, controversy
that's just how it is
public officers can play it safe or tell hard truth, point fingers
win next election instead of doing what is right for next generation
we are here because generations of americans were unafraid to do what was hard
even when success uncertain
keep dream alive for children and grand
admin political setback admission: some deserved
setbacks of administration are nothing compared to families this year
determination, optimism, decency at core lives on
in small biz owner, won't consider failure
we are strong, resilient, american
people helping Haiti
chants of USA w/ ea life saved
this lives on in you, its people
difficult decade behind us, new one before us
we don't quit
I don't quit
let's sieze this moment to carry our union forward
grand finale was pretty short
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