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Homeopathy Lecture Notes: on Chronic Miasms

Hahnemann's idea based on recurring complaints in pts
happened lots in pts with syphilis, rampant in his day
most dz: if it doesn't kill you your dynamis eventually conquers it
not so syphilis
dynamis is derailed and participates in perpetuation of dz
medical community only believed in one venereal dz

Hahnemann saw three VDs:

1) SYPHILIS (painless chancre)

2) TRIPPEN (thick mucupurulent discharge from sex parts, H said not chronic, dynamis can win, this is actually gonorrhea)(Medorrhinum made from discharge but is not a nosode)(arthritis)

3) SYCOSIS (from Gr word "fig")(he described discharge as gonorrhea, literally means flow from nads)(actually HPV)(Thuja is tx)(excess)(cx ca)(low self esteem, person feels they are flawed, have to cover up, onset at puberty)

2) PSORA is renaming of TRIPPEN (scabies? not mentioned by Hahnemann, doesn't fit, Taylor has a theory about it)(deficiency)(osteoarthritis)

students of Svedenborg
bundling of medicine with religion
draws triangle flat side up
deficiency, excess and destruction
two corners are from sins of sexual misconduct
Kent was son of his brother and sister: obsessed with sex
one corner from original sin falling from grace-->get dz
(not H's idea, added on later by Kent?)
Hahnemann said he isn't Psora and that's why he could recognize it

4) PSEUDO-PSORA is TB according to H: TUBERCULAR
others say pseudo-psora is combo of syph & psora but Taylor disagrees
acute flares of chronic dz
current flares dt suppression of TB in 19th century
there's a lot of tubercular disease now
lots in America:
mental emotional: feeling of persecution, desire for change
most URIs are acute expressions of TB dz
esp acute ear infx, rhinitis, later sinusitis, mucopurulent
also seen as mucupurulent eczema or impetigo
in bladder: cystitis
midline developmental defects

5) RABIES = an acute miasm (will kill ya, may take 30 years)
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