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Homeopathy Homework for week 4

12 yr/o boy
CC: sore throat

referred from PMD - dx'd strep (positive rapid strep screen)
Rx'd Emycin 333mg tid (?allergy to PCN; rash as infant)
Stuffed up, drippy nose this morning
Sent home at noon by school nurse
Sore throat, high fever
severe pain on swallowing
throat feels "raw", burning, stinging
hoarse; difficult to speak
nose stuffed, having to breath through mouth
drippy nose; watery, clear
irritable, out of sorts (very uncharacteristic)
sensitive to light on ride over; wanted blinds pulled in waiting room
obj -
103.4 F
skin dry
no redness of eyes or conjunctival irritation, no discharge
lips dry, cracked, with deeper cracks in corners bilaterally
redness, irritation between nose & upper lip
dryness, small cracks corners of nasal alae
nasal mucosa edematous, dry, red/irritated
scant clear, watery discharge (handkerchief is soaked)
tongue red, fissured edges bilaterally on sides ~2 cm back from tip
tonsils, tonsilar pillars, posterior oropharynx red
tonsils appear modestly swollen, no discharge
several pea- to kidney-bean sized nodes in anterior cervical chain bilaterally,
tender, firm, motile
no eruptions on trunk
cardiac exam wnl, no murmurs
lungs clear to a&p
abd exam wnl, no palpable spleen

[1] Read over the otitis media case linked directly below the link to this assignment (be sure you get the proper case - it's link directly below the link to this page)

[2] Distribute the symptoms of the case about a Boenninghausen x-diagram, as we did in class (an annotated copy of this diagram is linked below this assignment link)

[3] Clearly indicate the symptoms you wish to prioritorize for analysis; you might underline these, indicate them with a prominent color, draw circles around them, &c.

[4] Look up rubrics to represent each of your prioritorized symptoms, in the Synthesis Repertory

[5] Complete a repertorization form (see the form linked below this assignment link), using the rubrics you've selected - as we have done in class

[6] Indicate on the repertorization form, the leading remedies from your analysis (asterisk them, highlight them, &c.)

[7] Briefly compare/contrast your leading remedies, and defend one as your choice for this case; referencing your materia medicas (Phatak, Boger, perhaps Vermeulen).

Turn in -
- your completed totality diagram (the x-diagram)
- your completed analysis/repertorization form
- a page discussing the leading remedies and defending a chosen remedy, as described above.

I have not provided an upload link for assignments; please turn in a hard copy.
Staple your pages together (do NOT turn them in loose or merely dog-eared together); and legibly write your full name and mailbox number in the upper right-hand corner of each page (this is so that Collin can return your graded work). Please recall that professors tend to look more favorably on neat and legible work - and find it much easier to evaluate work that they can read. approve

ALWAYS retain a copy of your work for yourself; for your learner's portfolio, and to insure against loss of your assignment. If your work is lost anywhere along the line, I will hold you responsible for being able to provide a replacement or backup copy.
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