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Interview Techniques (week 2): spirituality

Spirituality and Patient Care

spiritual coping
belief system decreases stress dt loss or change

80%? believe in higher power
70% go to church

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas
either can be a mistake
know your community

religious beliefs influence medical decisions
30% of pts unwilling to discuss spiritual beliefs with doc

1st hospitals built because of biblical command to clothe the poor and heal the sick

PNEUMONICS for remembering spiritual interview questions:

what do you believe that brings meaning to your life?
do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person?
how important is your faith or religion to you?
what influence does it have in your life
are you part of a spiritual or religious community?
who do you have in your life that you can really talk to?
what activities do you engage in that involve your spiritual life?
how do you want me to address your spirituality in your health care?
how might your beliefs apply to your current situation?

Spiritual belief system?
Personal spirituality?
Integration with a spiritual community?
Ritualized practices and Restrictions?
Implications for medical care?
Terminal care plan?

Healing Power

belief system-->better medical outcomes

timeless healing biology belief

locus of control
if outer, worse; inner, better outcomes

evolution of suffering in the world
want: peace, joy, love, ample time
don't want: anguish, suffering, pain, loss
when there is nothing, there is no polarity
when there is something, there is polarity

what I thought was the right way isn't working out
need to find a new way
become a seeker
willing to try things
"in seeker mode"
going outside comfort zone: developing courage
cultivation of other spiritual traits
spiritual practice helps with growth

spiritual practice
you have a problem
pick a quality (from spiritual alphabet page)
to cultivate relative to that problem
pick a method for cultivation
methods: affirmations, mindfulness, habits, breathwork, contemplation, prayer, meditation, contemplation, service, transformation of emotion, yoga, practicing the presence of God, progressive muscle relaxation

in class exercise:
my problem: paranoid
my quality to cultivate: trust
my method for cultivation: meditation
Tags: consciousness, my practice, nd3, spirit

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