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Homeopathy (week 2) about the lineage/history

Phatak materia medica is from Boeninghausen language and approach
did Boenninghausen not appreciate sx of the mind?
only included 5 rubrics or some such on mind
does include lots of physical and clinical specifics
Emanuel Swedenborg was like Rudolph Steiner
claimed that he visited heaven and hell and talked to dignitaries there
reinvented everything; medicine, politics
mind comes down into the soma

Swedenborg influenced Kent and Lindlahr
Lindlahr: everything comes down to personal responsibility
Kent promoted mental emotional sx beyond prior homeop engagement with them
Kent says mental emotion primary then somatized
Hahneman says mental/emotional sx co-arise with physical, neither causes the other

Morrison from Kent lineage, and from Vithoulkas
emphasizes mental/emotional incl outward behaviors described in detail
has keynotes but not local particulars for physical sx
"I would caution against taking Morrison literally"
so Morrison and Phatak are complimentary

"Kent-Vithoulkas progression of knowledge"
George Vithoulkas upcoming teleconference
Dr T will get dates/times for us

Boericke Materia medica
lots of original rubrics
knew herbal usages and applied similars concept
well organized

Franz Vermullen
concordant materia medica was Boericke with add-ons
inserted from other materia medicas

Herring was cured of gangrenous finger by student of Hahnemann
(was this his conversion experience?)
"that's how short our lineage is" "and I'm not that old"

Viktor Frankl
"distortion of the moment of choice" is his phrase

delusion someone in my bed and no more room
struggle to find a place of comfort
type A person yes but that is not specific enough to indicate nux
it's a big world, and there's no more room, what's a guy to do (psoric)
psora = sense that we are separate (from God, etc)
we're on our own on edge of cliff
it's a big world, what's a guy to do
Jimmy Carter is poster child of psora to Taylor
doesn't occur to psora that they're the only one in their situation
psora has itch that doesn't look like much

Dr T almost ready to quit using the word "miasm"
Hahnmann didn't know about germs
had no name for contagious dz
acute miasms: chicken pox, etc, dynamis can throw it off
and the 5 chronic miasms: dynamis can't throw it off

last week's news
8% of human genome is viral in origin
this from the Human Genome Project
Human Genome Project began in year 2000
three years later an entire human genome was completely sequenced
20,000-25,000 genes
three billion dollars

don't embarrass this person-->can be damaged
anger suppressed, mortification

would leave home

deep sense of inadequacy
can't see cliff
pretending they know what to do but doesn't
something inadequate or wrong with me
separated from individuals around me
feels like they are only one in this situation
sycosis has warts


feeling of persecution
desire to travel
Dr T says this is increased in today's society
increased in west

nothing feels right (tubercular but most strong in this remedy)
mind-carried-desires to be
caprice, mother ready to give away child
rejects that for which he has been longing
mb calc phos, tuberc, sanicula chronic underlying

confused w/ sil, calc, cham, one other
"should be a polychest"

feels angry inside
caprice, mother ready to give away child
cheesy discharge bad odor

resp dz

when very confident give single dose 200C
repeat if not improving
gives 30C if not so confident, or if dosing bcs parent chose remedy
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