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Joe Liberman has a lot of people ticked off

There's a lot of hate directed at him out there on the internet right now. Only one in four Connecticut voters approves of him. Among Democrats, 81% disapprove. Chris Murphy is getting ready to run against him. And he is being treated with disrespect on the floor of the house. What I find interesting is that it's really hard to find out what he is actually supporting, because everybody is so mad at him that he's being shut down like Ron Paul usually is. What if he's right? It's not popular to stand against a gang of politicians who think they are going to get their way.

I figure that far fewer than one in four voters nationwide know how badly we're being HAD in this scam that is called "the public option".

What did Lieberman do? Well, first of all, he's an independent, having tried both parties and decided that he cannot work within their structures. But what they're all so bent about is that he stopped a Medicare expansion (for people 55-65) from being included in the public option. Of course, he didn't do it singlehandedly, but he kept the Democrats from ramming it through over Republican resistance. There might be some good reasons to be against it, but those are not up for discussion. We have a problem with our democracy here. Dissent is supposed to be democratic, but it is systematically suppressed now by the democrats, just as it was suppressed by the Neocons under Shrub. Both parties are a mess, and the legislation they support is better for business than it is for the people.
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