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Homeopathy IV: Acute Prescribing (week 1)

this class overfull, he wants 20 of us to shift to Friday class
"psychic blindfolds" in room 107, doesn't want to move there

acute prescribing in day to day practice
"incredibly important modality"
Lindlahr's book Nature Cure has chapter he likes
in this class we cover one condition/week
80% cumulative score on in class quizzes required
on final must get 75%

he doesn't want us to fall into "that category"
of "naturopaths who say homeopathy doesn't work for me"

due week 2
quiz online before class
readings on acute prescribing and OM
watch OM video
repertory exercise: print assignment
Morrison's desktop companion to physical pathology (red book)
Synthesis repertory

what's the rubric for controlling?

Starting with Organon, he is accused of being "scriptural" in quoting Hahneman
he is often wrong in his interpretation

we are no longer using the word CONSTITUTIONAL
acute prescribing not about essential core of person
neither is chronic
a constitutional remedy is for a dz state not a person
dz state that is chronic disharmony manifested throughout organism

Aphorism 72:
Dzs are in part acute, in part chronic
Acute = rapid process of abnormally mistuned life principle, completes quickly
self-resolving unless it kills you
Chronic mistuning small at first, gradual in progression
"automatic life energy" opposes it ineffectively
"imperfect, inexpedient, useless resistance"
(psora, sycosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, rabies were only 5 dz that H thought dynamis couldn't deal with). Chronic dz arise from dynamic infx by chronic miasm.

Aphorism 73:
acute febrile dz dt exposure
mb transient flare of latent/chronic dz, usu spontaneously returns to dormant
attack sev pts at same time, but not all receptive
bordering sporadic dz are epidemic acutes, become contagious, same process all pts
some acutes dt miasms recurring (smallpox, measles, whoop cough, mump, scarlet fever are once in a lifetime)(plague, yellow fever, Asiatic cholera recur in sim way)

if soil/terrain of individual is susceptible:
organism impacted by external bug (dent in circle)
vital force responds with bulge in circle beside dent
dent and bulge = dz state

soil: 3 components
1) individual makeup/susceptibility
2) pre-existing/chronic disharmony/dz or org (miasm: psora gets croup, tubercular gets OM) (some germs get uniform human response: a true acute independent of miasm)
3) xternal factors (aphorism 4)

edema in larynx, steeple sign on radiograph
top 3: aconite, spongia, hepar sulph
also bell, brom, calc suplh, coccus cact, iod, ipecac, kal bi, lachmu, phos, rumex, sambucus
hep, spong, brom, acon, kali-bi, iod, ark, lach, phos, acet, samb, etc

ACONITE: most commonly indicated, over 50% of cases, use first day/night only because of sudden pace, after exposure to cold wind, goes to bed fine then wake 11pm, ranunculaceae same family as pulsatilla, clingy child, worse w/ each inspiration, drinking. Hard to miss this case. better open air. high, sthenic fever, nervous, restless, agitated

sthenic = characterized by nervous energy, strong, vigorous

SPONGIA TOSTA: 2nd mc indicated, seal bark cough, saw through pine board, dry, barking, noisy stridor whistling, child wakes with fright and suffocative cough, worse first sleep, midnight or just after, worse cold air/drinks, better: eat, drink, nurse, sitting up, bent forward, head forward

HEPAR SULPHUR: croup comes on 2-4am or morning, thick rattling mucus, worse uncovered, cold, cold air, drinks, better: head backward, COLD COLD COLD, like mix of cham and nux, incredible irritable, combative, angrily capricious. Advanced, worrisome cases.

CHAMOMILA: capricious irritability, too miserable to live, mother wants to give child away

he wants us to use 4-6 rubrics, no more
cough, croupy
larynx and trachea: croup, constriction
laryngismus stridulus
nose-cracks (nit)
face cracks nose corners of (aur t)
generals-sudden manifest (acon)
generals-wind-cold-dry-agg (acon)
gen-air-in open amel (acon)
mind-restless-anxious (acon)
mind-carried, desire to be (acon)
fever-intense heat (spong)
cough-sibiliant-ddry, like a saw driven through pine board (spong)
cough-suffocative (spong)
respiration-whistling (spong)
generals-uncovering-agg-least (Hep)
cough-rattling (Hep)
mind-capriciousness-rejecting the things for which he has been longing (Hep)
mind-discontented -everything, with (Hep)
soft emergent properties: explainable eventually
hard emergent: can't explain or predict

at top: sensat/descrip (adjectives)
end of R upper line: pace
R: modalities, causation
bot: concomittants
L: locality, organ, tissue

extremities-heat-feet-soles-uncovers them (sulph, cham, puls, calc, phos, more)
commentary on Windstar's method: she knows more than she is conscious of
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