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important relative: 7-keto-DHEA
DHEA = dehydroepiandrosterone
the most abundant hormone made by adrenals
production exceeds all other steroid hormones
produced in early morning hours, declines during the day
cleared by kidneys
small amounts also secreted by ovaries/testes
precursor of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone

secreted in large amounts by human fetus
during pregnancy woman's estriol levels rise, related to increased DHEA from fetus
estriol is monitored during preg to verify fetal growth/health
during andrenarche (age 6-7) substantial production by adrenals begins
this peaks at age 20 and decreases with age, steeply declining in linear fashion
used by some as biomarker for aging

DHEA is a main source of testosterone for females
in normal menstruating women:
40% of T from ovaries, 60% from conversion of adrenal DHEA
DHEA converts to make 70% of estrogens before menopause and nearly 100% after menopause

DHEA is active form
a sulfur groups is added-->DHEA-S is storage form
(sulfate sticks on hydroxyl group on left end of image above)
DHEA-S is cleared by kidneys more slowly than DHEA
DHEA-S levels remain more constant
90% of circulating DHEA is in sulfated form
some docs say test sulfated form, others say test active form
rate of conversion uncertain, may differ among pts
book: DHEA: The Youth and Health Hormone, by Dr Shealy, he says test DHEA

high cort-->low DHEA-->atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, obesity, immune compromise, DM2, high chol, HTN, increased CA mets
DHEA used vs skin, lung, colon, breast, prostate, lymphatic CA in animals: dramatic results
long periods of high cort-->decr ability to produce DHEA
AIDS pts have high cort-->decr DHEA-->incr immune suppression and muscle loss

DHEA declines with age in humans
supplementation may slow aging process
book: Stopping the Clock, by Klatz and Goldman

use energy from food instead of converting to fat
(lower cort-->lower blood sugar-->lower insulin)
some say DHEA inhibits formation of fatty acids (makes sense dt lower insulin)
some say DHEA inhibits appetite (same mech)
some use DHEA for food cravings

produced in metabolism of DHEA
first id'd in 1950's by Dr Lardy at U Wi
starting to get attention in reserach
Lardy found that DHEA increases two thermogenic enzymes in liver
7-keto form is 2.5x stronger than DHEA for this effecct
does not alter steroid hormone levels
7-keto is not precursor to steroid hormones
clinical application when not want steroid effect
March 2006 J of Clinical Psych, Drs Sageman & Brown used to tx PTSD
pts report: incr socializing, sleep, less anxiety, improved memory/concentration
cosmetic use: for UV radiation skin damage, wrinkles, skin tone
2003 patent on cosmetic tx

glucocorticoids used for anti-inflam effects
prednisone used longterm in Addison's, lupus, arthritis
effects of DHEA: improved self esteem, well being, less fatigue
lupus pts taking 200mg/day-->less autoimmune activity
pts taking DHEA able to reduce prednisone dose

in females
may have increased sex hormone levels
incr testosterone-->incr libido

n = 20, postmenopausal, 25mg/day x 12mo-->progressive incr in test, E2, prog, GH-->sx improved
DHEA may improve mood/emotional sx
2004 column by Dr Alan Gaby

high cort-->low DHEA-->low est & test-->bone loss
supplement DHEA-->incr est & test-->osteoblasts get to work

DHEA may decr plt agg-->decr stroke
DHEA decr 2 inflammatory cytokines (doesn't say which ones)
DHEA has antioxidant effect, protects HDL and LDL cholesterol-->decr atherosclerosis

DHEA supports collagen
incr color, tone, thickness, hydration of skin

often begins in perimenopause
OTC eyedrops don't contain lipids made by sebaceous glands of eye
DHEA used in some eye drops
increases sebaceous production, tear production, decreases irrit

book: DHEA: The Youth and Health Hormone, by Dr Norman Shealy
"never seen a depressed pt w/ optimal levels of DHEA. And no one we've seen with optimal levels of DHEA is depressed."
English study: lower DHEA levels correlate with more severe depression and high cortisol

declines of age mbdt higher cortisol-->neural cell damage in brain
DHEA may protect brain from high cort damage

drinking a cup of coffee each morning may incr DHEA

decrease DHEA

check with your doc before taking hormones
you might get an effect you don't want

REFERENCES of their article in my paper files

next article
NOTES: this is from Dr. HingHau Tsang's Crusade on Nutrition
I believe he refers to Lardy's research (thermogenic enzymes)
Newsletter #107 --- 7-Keto DHEA

DHEA assoc w/ aging and low energy
he says it's a male adrenal hormone
get tested and take DHEA if its low
RISKS assoc w/ taking DHEA: incr breast and prostate CA, also MI

pts w/ low DHEA will have low 7-keto DHEA levels
supplementing 7-keto form is an option
developed to avoid the potential steroidal effects of DHEA
wanted metabolite that didn't convert to sex hormones
effects of 7-keto are stronger than DHEA in case of:
immune modulation, memory enhancement, and thermogenesis

affects (how?) 3 thermogenic enzymes
which promote the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver
(one of these must relate to increase in T3 levels, perhaps the converter from T4)
-->decr TGs in liver
-->fat loss, lowered TGs and cholesterol
study: randomized, DBPC study in "Current Therapeutic Research" followed overweight people who consumed a 1,800 calorie per day diet and exercised three times per week for 45 minutes, comparing 7-keto supp vs placebo
lucky 7-KETO pop lost average 6.34 pounds of fat, vs 2.1 pounds for placebo crowd
(3x wt loss)
fat reduction: 1.8% in 7-keto group, 0.57% in placebo group (also 3x)
7-keto supp-->increased T3 but not above normal range (THYROID)
SIG: 100mg BID
no adverse effects were reported
no CNS effects
ephedra (ma huang) or bitter orange (citrus aurantium) have CNS effects

Czech study: 7-keto mitigates cortisol's "harmful effects" on immune system
study 04: Minneapolis, 7-KETO supp impr immune fx in elderly, n=20 wmn 22 men
100mg 7-keto BID or placebo x 4wks
7-keto group has significant changes:
incr in "immune helper cells" (CD4 B cells???)
decr in immune suppressor cells (what are these????)
incr neuts (mb not significant, can't tell from wording)

improved memory

no adverse effects with large amounts in animals, short term
in humans 7-KETO does not incr est/test of have SEs up to 200mg/day x8wks
long-term safety has not been demonstrated
incr T3 could-->heart attack, bone loss
no well-known drug interactions

7-keto "safe, effective" supp for weight management
DOSE: 100mg BID, best before breakfast and lunch, not in pm dt risk of insomnia
ok to combine with other supps

everybody says it: talk to your doctor before you try anything, goofball

HIS References

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11. Weeks C, Lardy H, Henwood S. Preclinical toxicology evaluation of 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone (7-keto DHEA). FASEB J 1998;12:A4428.

ok just one more
from the Waisman Center
Terry Devitt (608) 262-8282,
DHEA Boosts Growth Rate Of Human Neural Stem Cells
neural stem cells plus DHEA in lab dish-->incr cell division rate, growth (remarkable)
does DHEA help brain grow new cells?
published online: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
U of Wisconsin-Madison
DHEA is readily available but not well researched
many experts caution against its overuse
researchers: Svendsen, Suzuki, Wright, Marwah, LARDY

growing human fetal neural stem cells in culture
cells form aggregates: 'neurospheres,'
these blasted with DHEA, and growth and inhibitory factors (which ones???)
result: 29% incr in new cells compared to cells grown all same except no DHEA
kudos to Suzuki
"It's the only steroid we tested that had such a direct effect on stem cell growth and new neuron formation," according to Suzuki.
(what other steroids did they test???)
rat studies have suggested neuroprotective effect of DHEA
but DHEA s not a major metabolite in that animal so effect may differ

Lardy = eminent steroid chemist, emeritus UW-Madison prof of biochem
metabolic products of DHEA aid memory retention in old mice!!!
previous studies: DHEA blocks a step in fat synthesis
DHEA levels fall with age
low DHEA assoc w/ major depressive disorders in adolescents and adults
we now know that adult brains have stem cells that can make new neurons
(at least in some parts of the brain)
Svendsen cautions that there may be side effects not yet discovered
don't take it to be smart =-]
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