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Yemen trained Nigerian wannabe Terrorist in perspective

Stefan Molyneux
True News
wishes us a happy solstice & new year
Nigerian bomber on airplane on Dec 25, putting it in context
reference to American ignorance
human nature as explanatory

man trained supposedly by al Quiada in Yemen
he doubts al Quida is involved because bombing attempt was so primitive
a condom? of explosive strapped to a man's leg
bribery for despots
$70 million this year into Yemen as part of war on terror
US selling arms
tragedy: us must id card and bully you to protect you from terrorists but is supplying them

US arms sales: $37.8 billion dollars in 2008
a big increase from prior
US fraction is 64.8% of global arms market

torture in Yemeni jails is systematic and brutal
military helping
foreign jihadists amassing after some communication
govt is not the people
govt same relationship to people as mafia to local business
if mafia gets more weapons, shop keepers not more protected
aid to govt not good for citizens
dictators prey on their people, aid is like arming the mafia
govt getting rich on US aid in Yemen
$25 million stolen by "thugs in charge"

US govt will give arms etc to those who join war on terror
purchasing al Quaida in country
corrupt 3rd world dictator claims he has al Quaida to get arms, weapons, training
so they invite al Quaida to set up in their country to get the US aid
someone in Yemen invited al Quaida into that country

give foreign aid to govt, what citizens think?
citizens worried about govt getting weapons and thugs
US govt is largest arms seller in world, arming third world dictatorships
arms to repress the world's people pays off in oil/resources

Nigeria has oil reserves
5th largest exporter to US
new reserves recently discovered
55% of pop below poverty line which is low

Obama budget 2010 increases US security ops in Africa
weapons and direct involvement
africom is new command center in Africa
because oil and jihaidsts tehre
8.3-->25.6 million dollars in arm sales 2009
arms and training funding to
FMF foreign military funding
300% increase in funding to Africa

1999 death
2001 3.1 million mil
2003 4 million
wants more numbers
accusations of theft

foreign aid increases corruption
a massive prize that aspirants to state power can grab
resource in country is payoff for US govt
foreign aid is payoff for country
destroys lives

2004 report Bangladesh: 74% of all foreign aid there lost to corruption
50% of US Worldbank aid lost in African countries
African studies estimate is higher: $150 billion/year lost
world bank aid disappears dt corruption
African corruption rampant
new word: wabenzi = men of the mercedes benz
poor people are poorer now

wheat farmer example
production depends on demand
if a government is paid based on poverty of people
-->incentive to increase poverty
governments are growing poor people like crops

Africa has civil wars and coups because of US money
2010 US aid proposal: US dept of defense: $66 million aid for nigeria
plus $15 and $40 more thru US AID

US aid flowing into foreign governments-->money up for grabs->conflict and corruption
Yemen gets more aid than it can absorb, $4.6 billion in 2006

military has no idea what they are hitting, they just follow orders
US politicians have no prayer of correcting crime problems in Yemen
we can't solve crime problems in foreign countries any better than we can here in DC
Dec 18 Obama orders US supported airstrike in Yemen kills 120-5?
(irony about Nobel peace prize, he's not impressed with Obama)
air strike video on youtube with women and children dead
Nigerian man has attachment to Yemeni freedom as he sees it
a week later he tries to blow up a plane over Detroit
this is a cycle of violence
we need to stop us government taking our money to play military games in Africa

Yemeni man tries to bomb US airplane on xmas day burns leg
airlines losing money fast
US economy is not in great shape, last thing we need is this sort of insanity
destruction of US economy
stupid security increases
this is blowback (not his word)
what happens when you sell weapons abroad
al Quaida crawling up his leg
terrorism is the result of US "aid" and arms sales
sell arms to Mafia-->baleful and unvanquishable resentment and rage

Two other commentaries from Stefan that inibo recommends: (he wishes every American would see)
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